Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?


2. Chapter 1

 The next time I wake up, I am in the hospital. I try to sit up, but a sharp pain hits my back and I lay back down again. The memories of the beach come flooding back right as the door to my cramped room slams open and 5 boys run through eagerly.


“Is she awake yet?” A boy with a curly mop of hair comes running to me with a curious and anticipated look on his face.


“Oh my god, guys, she’s finally awake!” the blond one runs over and hugs me before I can ask what the hell is going on. I wince in pain as another boy comes and plops on top of Blondie and Curly.


“Guys, be careful! Niall, Louis, Harry, get off of her!” a brown haired tall boy runs over and pulls them off of me.


“Wh-whats going on?” I ask nervously.


“We thought you were dead!” Curly yells from the other side of the room.


“Harry! Stop acting so immature!” The boy called Harry sighs loudly while I turn my attention back to the brown haired boy.


“D-dead? Why? How? Who are you? And wha-?” I begin as I start to cry.


“Shhh… Its alright. We are here to help. Yes you were dead, once, for two minutes.” My eyes widen as he continues, “You were in a car accident. We were actually in the car, and you were on the beach, do you remember that?”


I nod, and he goes on, “Our driver lost control of the car, and it turned abruptly and went off of the road towards you, and, well, the car hit you. You lost a lot of blood, and um…” I sniffle. “I bet you want to know who we are, or have you heard of us?”


“Why would I know you?” I ask curiously. He looks surprised that I don’t know him; maybe he was my neighbour or something.


“I’m Liam Payne, from One Direction!” he says, sounding like just saying this would explain everything. I stare blankly at him, and he shrugs and continues. “That’s Harry,” he says, pointing to Curly in the corner, now just doing something on his phone in the corner of the room. He smiles and waves, dimples showing. God, he’s cute. Now that I look around the room, I see that there are 5 of them. 5 sex gods by the looks of it.


I turn my attention back to Liam, and he continues by pointing to Blondie, who is now on the phone, ordering room service. “That’s Niall, if you enjoy eating and Nandos as much as he does, you are going to get on real well.” I nod. He points to a boy with brown hair and gorgeous eyes, “That’s Louis.” He sighs and laughs a little to himself as he goes on, “You will eventually get used to him…”


“Hey!”  Louis makes a pretend little hurt face and I laugh. Liam goes on to say that little remark totally proved him right, and they ended up in a small catfight, me and Harry laughing hysterically.


I notice that one of the boys hasn’t talked the whole time, just staring at the ground. I nudge Liam, and point over in his direction, without putting too much attention on myself. He nods like he understands, and goes on. “That’s Zayn.” Zayn looks up at me, eyen bloodshot like he had been crying, nodded at me, and then sheepishly looked down again.


“Hi, Zayn! Um.. I’m Ella McCleaver, and I’m 16, and wait! Where’s Charlotte?!? Where’s dad?!?” I ask, looking around over and over again, as if they might appear if I kept doing that. I didn’t bother asking for mum, she died of cancer when I was 3.


“Don’t worry, Ella, Charlotte’s fine, actually she had to go to school today, but she’s coming over afterwards. Your dad is at work, he actually wanted more than anything but there was a huge project that he really needed to finish, so he couldn’t come.” Liam settles me down again and I relax.


“Hey, wait! School? What day is it?” I ask, suddenly surprised. It was Saturday afternoon when the car hit me, apparently, so I must have been unconscious for at least a day, maybe more..


“Well…” Harry started.


“Come on! Just tell me! There is no point in keeping secrets from me at this point, just do it!” I state, putting authority in my voice. I can’t believe they are even trying.


“Well.. Liam starts.


“It’s been 2 weeks since the accident.”


Please comment! This is my first fanfic so if u have any constructive criticism I'd love to hear it! xx Jill

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