Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?



Hi everyone, 

This isn't a chapter (sorry!) but I wanted to say sorry for not updating in aaageeees!

The thing is, my computer was being weird and I had written like 3 really long chapters that I was going to upload, and so I was writing along and then all of a sudden; POOF! The laptop screen goes dark.

So basically, I lost everything. 

I am also going to Margaret River tomorrow and I probably won't be able to bring my laptop, and there may not be Wifi, but I can type on my IPod Touch and if there is Wifi and I can figure out the Movellas app, I can post, so we'll see. I might actually post another chapter today if I'm lucky, but I have to pack loads, and its already 4:00 (oops, procrastination station), so again, we'll see.

Thanks for bearing with my annoyingness...

Jilljill :) <3

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