Everything About You

When a terrible accident bring Ella and One Direction together, what will happen?


1. Prologue



This is why I love the beach so much. My naturally wavy, brown, long hair whips around like a washing machine as my best friend, Charlotte, and I walk down the long, sandy beach towards the Ice Cream Parlor. It’s a perfect day, the water is a perfect shade of blue, and it’s around 20 degrees. It’s one of those Saturdays where nothing else matters to you, it’s just you, Charlotte, the beach, and of course, not to forget the ice cream.


“Do you want to wait here while I get it, or do you want to go in? Ella!” Charlotte asks impatiently.


“What?” I ask, now lost in my train of thought. “Oh, yeah, the ice cream. I can stay here and watch the stuff if you’d like. I’ll have one choc chip cone, please, thanks.”


“Are you sure? Okay, I’ll be quick! And, really, it’s no problem,” Charlotte replies, seeming oblivious to me being very distracted before.


“No, seriously, thanks a lot. And I’ll wait just over here.” Grabbing Charlotte’s huge bag, I lug the bags over to a small patch of grass where I sit to wait for Charlotte.


I had only been sitting there, reading my book on my new Kindle Fire, for 5 minutes at the most, waiting for Charlotte to get back with the ice cream, when I heard a large, loud crash and screaming from just behind me. Startled, I quickly jumped up and turned around as a big, black car come barreling toward me. The car hits me, and I fly backward towards the sand, and black out.


Author Note: 

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