My life has changed

Karina is an 18 year old girl and she won X factor last year. She goes to London for her tour and she meets one direction and starts to like one of their band members. She tries to focus on the tour but she finds it very hard since she has to work with them.


1. After X Factor

Karina's POV
I woke up this morning feeling very different but that's alright, I walk downstairs and my phone started ringing so I picked it up. The call was from management and I have a tour in London. I packed my stuff and I leave tomorrow, they told me very late so I had no time to lose. After packing I had lunch and a few hours later I had dinner and went to bed. I woke up the next morning really early and got my luggage and drove to the airport. Once I got to the door there was lots paparazzi blocking the way. After 20 minutes I finally got inside and got through the check stuff and I got on the plane but I got my very own or private jet instead. I looked out the windows and saw the beautiful building but mostly saw clouds. I slept most of the time and hours later I was there.

Liam's POV
Our manager told us we were going on a tour in London. We were excited and we are almost there, as soon at the jet landed we got out and went inside. We waited in a line to get our luggage checked when this girl was on her phone and ran into Harry and Louis. She ended the phone call and said "I'm so sorry, are you alright?" The boys were smiling and Louis replied "yes I'm ok, are you?" "Yes I am, I'm Karina Bradley by the way" she shock our hands when Harry said "Karina Bradley, wow you were excellent on the X factor, oh yeah and I'm Harry and we are one direction" "oh thanks Harry, you guys were amazing on X factor as well" "thanks, we are on tour in London" "oh me too" she said. We walked with her and we found out that she was staying at the same hotel as us but she was a few rooms away from ours.

Niall's POV
"Hi Niall" Karina said "oh hey" I replied back "so what are you up to?" "Oh uh nothing much, I want to order room service" "ok cool" she said. A few hours later when we were at the hotel it got dark and Karina had to go to her room. She gave each of us a big hug and she left". "So what do you think of Karina?" Liam asks "she's beautiful" Louis said "and lovely" Harry said "and nice" I said "and very fun to be around" Zayn said "that's cool, maybe she might see us on her tour" I said. We all went to bed for a long day tomorrow.

Louis's POV
We woke up and got ready. We went outside from our room and we saw Karina in a very short skirt with cropped top that went half way and heaps of jewelry. "Wow you look gorgeous" I said to her "oh why thank you Louis, you don't look bad yourself" she said. We went into the elevator and went to the lowest floor, the breakfast was there and we got a table for 6 and sat down. I was next to Karina and she was next to Harry and he was next to Niall and he was next to Liam and he was next to Zayn and he was next to me. Niall got heaps of food and he said if anyone didn't want there's he could have it. We laughed and ate.
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