molly's diary

hey guys. i know that most of you don't want to read about some random chicks social/school life but i hope you do read this. life is an amazing thing that we should not take for granted, my life is crazy but i guess that no ones life is normal..
any way, i hope you enjoy reading this and its not to weird...


4. 28/11/12


hey guys, so sorry ive been away for so long! but if it helps i missed my luvlies! but i want you to know tha i wont be posting every day, because my mum and dad are split up and i have to rotate houses and mums house has no internet at the moment.

sooo, what has been going on with me, you ask.. well:

first of all twilight was fucking amazing!!! i was literally hyperventilating. it was awesome! and school is the worst again. as usual. i almost wagged today, but someone saw me and i ran for it! on my way to the pines i bumped into jasmine and i tried to convince her to come with me and she said she would... if her brother wasn't there... i was like 'fuck him' and shit but she just said she couldn't. oh yeah and i think i might be going to one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because my friend told me that they were selling extra tickets some where and i was like 'oh shit really!?' and she told me all the deets and i am going to get some online or camp out, no matter what it takes its worth it! and no matter where i have to travel i WILL see them! sorry going a bit cray cray for a second there..

ummmmmmm, trying to think about what has happened that is worth to tell you guys. lets see, um, i am writing a new fan fiction. i havent posted any  of it yet, but it will get there. and my friend Molly is writing one,  she has been for a while and its sooo good! every time we tell her that she doesnt believe us. but she is thinking of posting it on here. i dont know her movella's name though, i will have to ask her. she is a talented writer. i mean so are all of my friends. we had this spaz at school where every day we would come to school with a story to tell every one that we wrote the night before. and btw i am at a stage where i call people by the first letter of their name.. yes you guessed it! i have been watching alot of gossip girl lately! sorry cant help it. i am watching it from the start. from season one. i am renting them out at the local dvd shop. he he. my sister is watching tv and 'regular show' is on. its really funny. comment if you know what regular show is and if you love it. i also love 'the amazing world of gumball' and 'adventure time' they are da bomb! soz just had to put that out there.. lol. 

so, now i want to know how your life is going and i encourage you to write in a diary, to let all your feelings out to someone who will listen.. well sort of. any way you can comment and ask me about things if you want my advice. ok, im just going to say random things that i like and stuff because i am bored!oh yeah and you can ask me things you want me to mention in here in the comments.

i will start with the movellas i like. i am in love with 'TMABP' and 'TFP' if you dont know what they stand for it is 'the marriage and baby project and the fame project. i like 'beautiful' and 'meat me in the meadows' (which i have mentioned b4) oh god there is so many i could go on about! but i do encourage u to read all of these. they are all really captivating. omg! how could i forget! i LOVE J.K and Molly's story 'only you' and its sequels. and J.K has a diary too. 

my favourite colour is purple, i love to write, i play soccor, i love to do scrapbooking, drawing (anime'), and i love long romantic walks on the beach. lol. ha ha ha ha. any way, i think thats it for now, i promise i will update as soon as i can!

luv you all my little carrots! until next time,

Molly :)

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