molly's diary

hey guys. i know that most of you don't want to read about some random chicks social/school life but i hope you do read this. life is an amazing thing that we should not take for granted, my life is crazy but i guess that no ones life is normal..
any way, i hope you enjoy reading this and its not to weird...


3. 24/11/12

hi guys! i got up at like 4:30am today. i didn't mean to but i took an allnighter. idk y i just couldn't sleep.

"oh oh oh oh oh oh you'll find us chasing the sun!"

sorry just listening to music. its the escape from all the bullshit in my life! i mean there's so much that i haven't told you. its about 5:40 am right now and the only reason I'm writing this right now is because i am going to my friends house after i watch twilight freaking breaking dawn part freaking 2!!!!! sorry just nerves and excitement... any way my friend doesn't have a lap top... i think... but even if she does i can't use that.. y u ask. i don't even know! we just never can! but i still have Ipods, Ipads, Iphones e.c.t.

i don't really know what to write about since nothing exciting has happened so far.. this is just a random note but for those of you who  have a really busy life, get a diary. not a 'dear diary' diary, like the ones with the date on the front and stuff. it really helps you organize things. and i also use the 'reminders' app. umm, yeah so ask me questions that you want me to answer (if you have any)

I AM BBOOORRRRREEEEEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! while i am here does any one know that new bonds add? like its got all of the people dancing in bras and undies and there is random babies in the sky?! its so funny and at the end there is this little Asian(I'm not trying to be mean! sorry i didn't mean to offend) baby that pops up on the screen and me and Eliza think it is soooooooooooo funny so i took a photo of it with my phone and saved it as my lock screen! and every time I'm pissed i just unlock my phone and laugh my freaking ass off! if some of you guys are always depressed you should consider doing this with a photo that makes you smile or laugh! it really helps.

"wheeeeeeeeeeeerree have you beeen aaalll my li-e-ife!?"

sorry just singing a random sont that came on the radio :$

see!? now you know how random and weird i am and I'm not even afraid to admit that!

sayonara!...for now...


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