molly's diary

hey guys. i know that most of you don't want to read about some random chicks social/school life but i hope you do read this. life is an amazing thing that we should not take for granted, my life is crazy but i guess that no ones life is normal..
any way, i hope you enjoy reading this and its not to weird...


2. 23/11/12

still day 1(friday)


hi guys, i know its still the same day, but i forgot to mention a few things..

did i mention that i am 12? oh well i did now. lol. and omg tomorrow i am going to see twilight breaking dawn part 2! i can't wait. and get this! my dad wasn't going to let me go! apparently im not 'mature' enough. don't laugh. i know he has a point but still.. Jesus Christ a bit over protective there mate! for those of you who haven't seen it i will give you a brief description after i see it. and i was reading the fan fic 'meet me in the meadows' and i like cried on the last few chapters.( i even commented it!) i don't usually cry thats not like me, but i guess its just from the stress today.. but her story's are amazing and you guys have to become a fan of 'Hazzalover122'.

oh and btw, peter isn't my real dad, but I've known him since i was a baby and i never knew my real dad.. I'm gonna start calling him by his nickname or something to piss him off cause he needs to get over himself. like he needs to let me do my own thing! he is sooo controlling!

well, im off to read more movellas! c ya!

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