molly's diary

hey guys. i know that most of you don't want to read about some random chicks social/school life but i hope you do read this. life is an amazing thing that we should not take for granted, my life is crazy but i guess that no ones life is normal..
any way, i hope you enjoy reading this and its not to weird...


1. 23/11/12

day 1

hey, so this is not the first time I've written a diary. but its the first time I've written a virtual diary. so where do i start... my name is molly. my full name is Molly Nina Hamlin. i like my name, nut i LOVE my middle name. its soooo cute! in my opinion that is..

i have a sister, her name is Eliza. (e-lie-za)

my mums name is Gale. My dads name is Peter. i know, Peter and Gale off the hunger games.. i laughed when i realized that too.

i live in Australia. I have really nice and supportive friends. their names are Tiara, Jasmine, Nadia, Molly(yes i have a friend with my name), Candice, Anaysha, Brodie, Savannah, oh god i always miss someone out. if i remember i will put their names in. i am in my last year in primary school; year 7. and i have like 3 weeks left of primary school left!!! i cant believe it! i am listening to one direction 'they don't know about us' right as we speak. lol. my personality is fricken CRAZY. even ask my friends..

"they don't know about the things we do

they don't know about the i love you's

but i bet you if they only knew

they would just be jealous of us"

sorry just singing one direction... i know I'm retarted. (not literally, i  call myself a retard, and so do my friends, because i act  like one) he he.

ok, so now i'm going to tell you about my shit day. it started off really good actually, but then it got REALLY bad. you'll soon find out why..

i was in the car driving to school and my dad needed to get the paper from the shops, and i saw tiara walking so i said i was going to walk with her and said good bye to my dad.we stopped at mc'donnalds and tiara got a hash brown and we saw dayna (tiara's 3rd cousin, who is in my class) who was 'taking a day off' as she calls it. lol. more like wagging Dayna. we said goodbye to dayna and started walking and went in front of this car and tiara yelled out 'thanks for waiting old lady' and soon after that we realized she was a teacher from our school! we ran away and talked about the awesome fun memories we have shared. me and tiara have known each other since grade 3. and she's going to my high school! Tiara is a bad influence but i love her.

so at school we are doing these speeches and i volunteered and ended up going 4th. but  when i went up there i worked out i had stage fright!!! can you believe it! so i went to the bathroom and candice came with me. i locked myself in a cubicle and tried to hold the tears back. then the teacher sent anaysha to bring us back and i ended up muttering the speech to myself.. the worst thing is im usually really confident. and i didn't even Finnish it! and i didn't say any of the words correctly. and the thing is i am a really good singer (not to brag,) and i was thinking of auditioning at the x-factor one year. im not joking, my mum and dad even want me to!

thats not the only thing. i got called up to the office (along with two other people) for not completing my homework and i got an infringement notice. thats basically a warning note that my parents have to sign. if i get to more i wont get to go to the  end of year dance. if it gets worse i dont get to go to graduation either.. but hopefully that will be the only note..

and my family is crazy.. i dont even want to talk about that...

i think thats all i have to say today. if you have any questions just ask them in the comments. i hope you enjoyed and tell me if i should keep going!

until next time,

 Molly :)

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