Murder Manor

Story about a horrible mystery that has a sudden turn in events. Written initially for school but i decided to continue it :)


1. The Case

I flew round the corner, my pace quickening with every shadowed step I heard behind me. My coat billowed and the wind stung my face. Who was this mystery stalker? This was the third night I noticed my movements being tracked. This was rather worrying. I wanted and needed to keep what I was doing private.

 I arrived home the foot steps behind me had faded, after whoever was following me had realised I was heading back. Closing the door, I headed towards my study. Notes were littered everywhere, pieces of paper scattered on my desk, all the evidence from every case had ever taken packed into a room. My whole house like my study was filled to the brim with pieces of paper

At one point I had been a famous P.I, now I just take small cases from families who can afford me. I slumped in my chair and sighed, I had not had a case now for three months, sitting at home was beginning to become tiresome.

Suddenly the phone rang. I answered and heard a croaky voice.

 “Mr Bliss?” the caller asked, yes I answered. ”Meet me at the Tower café at 11am tomorrow I may have case you will be interested in.” And the phone went dead.

The bell above the door clanged as I entered the Tower cafe. It was a dreary looking place, the window sill had dry rot and the white lace curtains were now a dirty shade of beige. I sat down at a table across from a window.

“Do you know what you want love?” An old lady had shuffled over and now held a pen and pad in front of me. Warmly I asked for afternoon tea, ignoring the fact it was only 11am in the morning.

The bell tinkled again. I looked up, a man in a big over coat and hat which covered a lot of his face. He looked around, saw me and headed over to the table. Shadily, he pushed across a fat envelope. I opened it, wedges of cash nearly spilled out.

“Twenty five thousand”                The man had a gruff voice, the kind of voice that made you sound like you permanently had a cold. Quickly he slid over another thinner envelope. “The case” After he said that he got up and left me sitting there alone, with a table now containing twenty five thousand and what  I was soon to find to be the biggest case of my life.

I hailed a cab home. Rushed through the door and headed straight to my study. First of all I emptied the envelope full of cash.

“My lord” I muttered under my breath. Like the mysterious man had said, there was twenty five thousand in there. Finally averting my stare from the money pile, I opened the letter that contained the case. Inside was a letter.

I read the letter four more times before what he was telling me sunk in. As I inspected the envelope, I noted the small blotchy stains, the write, whoever he may be, had been crying whilst he wrote the letter. On the back of the neatly written letter there was an address in minute hand writing.


          19 Lloyd Avenue



My eyes, as soon as they had read through the address, immediately widened and my mouth fell a gape. Who hadn’t heard of this address??!! It had been the Medias main story for weeks. Murder Manor they had called it. The latest story was that shrivelled up body was found in the pipes, they had only found it after the pipes had burst from the blockage. The body had been so dishevelled it was unidentifiable to any gender. Other cases consisted in whole families dyeing. To simplify, if you ever enter 19 Lloyd Avenue, you are very likely not to come out again. The accepting of this case was now inevitable.

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