Had me at hello

This is a winner from the last book vampire love she emailed me and I'm doing this book for her a girl named Giana Wieder was lonly and sad because nobody liked her what happens if she meets a blonde who is a total Irish cutie and falls in love will she lose him because of some dumb --------can't say u have to read - will he dump her will she go out with a British boy instead or will she stick with love at first sight ? !


2. When I got there....!

Giana's POV
When I was driving I got to there niebor hood and I saw huge houses HUGE and I went up to their door an knocked Niall opened it we said our hellos and he let me in omg my friends are gonna kill me I'm spending my day with Niall horen the Irish hottie oh god would I kill for a man like him
Nialls POV
She got there we said hello an she walked in I saw her amazed at the house I told her the boys are sleeping so be quite she said lets watch a movie we agreed and we sat not very close on the couch I put in the movie SAW. And she started to shiver she screamed at one point and cuddled up to me for safety I have to admit I jumped myself at some parts which probly made her feel worse about the movie I told her I was going to make popcorn and when I went to the kitchen the lights went out it was dark outside and I ran to her but she wasent there I was scared then I heard her scream in the kitchen I went into find out what was wrong then I saw standing there was a tall black dark figure holding a kitchen knife the boys came down an saw IT and we all huddled in a corner in the living room scared as hell as to who this might be then I noticed Zayn wasent here and I said calm down its Zayn hes not here with us right then Zayn came out from the hallway I'm right here what are talking about rubbing his eyes the the figure came out Zayn launched into Liam's arms (daddy direction) to the rescue Liam stood up dropping Zayn to the floor went up to it and pulled the robe off it was elli and demi them Liam turned the power back on the girls were on the floor laughing but Giana was crying ....
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