Kiss Me, I'm Irish

I was only supposed to spend a normal holiday season in Ireland. Just a nice relaxing Christmas in the Emerald Isle. That's all I wanted, actually. Well, let me tell you, that did not happen. Let's just say, I had a pretty exhausting twenty four hours. Being chased by screaming fans, meeting iconic pop stars.....It can take it out of a girl!

Look, I know I'm being confusing, but none of this even makes sense to me yet! So just sit down, get comfy, because you're about to hear a crazy story...


5. I Make a Decision

“Louis, did you put this here?” Niall asked.
“Merry Christmas, mate.” Louis replied.
“Niall, you’ve got to kiss her.” Liam cut in.
“It’s a Christmas rule, and you wouldn’t break a rule, would you?”
Niall sighed and glanced at me.
“Five seconds.” He mouthed, walking over to his band mates.
“Okay, all of you out. Right now.’ He said, hauling them up.
“I’m hurt, man.” Louis said, clasping his chest in mock- indignation.
“What happened to bros before-“
“Out!” Niall exclaimed, shoving them out of the room.

Once they were gone, Niall came back over to me, giving me a nervous smile.
“Okay, they’re out of here.”
I smiled, biting my lip. Zayn’s words were echoing in my mind,
“Niall falls in love very fast…
They break his heart every time…
Please don’t toy with him…”

Niall mistook my misery for apprehension and quickly said,
“You don’t have to kiss me if you don’t want to.”
“No- no, I want to, Niall.”
I was telling myself that if I kissed him, I could prove to myself that this was just a meaningless crush and that when I went home, he’d forget all about me. And I’d forget all about him. So I leaned up and gently pressed my lips to his. Niall angled his head to deepen the kiss and his hands encircled my waist, pulling me closer.
As we kissed, I was faced with a realization. This wasn’t just a crush. I truly had feelings for Niall Horan, and they weren’t going away. And I was going to break both our hearts.
I started to cry silently and my tears wet Niall’s cheeks. Startled, he pulled back and looked at me, taking my face between his hands.
“What’s wrong?” he whispered, brushing away my tears.
“Did I screw up?”
“No, Niall, it’s not that.” I said wretchedly.
‘What is it then? You can tell me.”
“I should never have come here.” I whispered miserably, pulling out of his grasp and running away.

I ran out of the room and past the other guys, collapsing in a random corner, crying my eyes out. Unfortunately, from where I was, I could hear every word being exchanged between Niall and the boys.
“What happened?” Niall demanded to know.
“I was literally gone for five minutes! Zayn, you were the only one with her; what did you say?”
“Only that I didn’t want you to get a broken heart.”
“She wouldn’t do that, Zayn! That’s not what Ceili’s like!”
“She goes home in five days, Niall. And you’ll probably never see her again.” Zayn said gently.
Niall was beginning to get upset. I could hear him crying, which only made me cry harder.
“Oh, don’t cry, mate.” Zayn said consolingly.
“I’m just trying to make you see sense.”
“Look,” Harry said,
“Do you want me to go and talk to her?”
“No!” Niall said harshly.
“Not you!”
“Why not?”
“Because you’ve been flirting with her ever since she got here!”
“No I haven’t been!”
“The party has arrived. American people rock.” Niall mimicked Harry’s voice.
“You were half naked when we got here, for God’s sake!”
“Oh God, Niall, do you honestly think I’d do that? You obviously worship the ground the girl walks on. I’d never even think of taking her from you!”
“Just leave me alone!” Niall yelled, running out of the room.
The boys conversed quietly for a few minutes until Liam said,
“I’ll go talk to her, okay?”

I heard footsteps coming down the hall and then Liam sat down beside me.
“Hey.” He said simply.
I looked up and hurriedly wiped my eyes.
“Hi there.” I said dully.
Liam silently offered me a tissue and I took it, mopping my eyes.
“You’re welcome.”

We stayed silent until Liam asked,
“You do care for Niall, right?”
“Yes, I do. Of course I do.”
“Okay,” he said, taking my hands.
“Then I say you try and make it work with him.”
“What?” I asked.
“Long- distance does work, Ceili. And with Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, maintaining long distance relationships are easier than ever. I know its hard being away from people you love. I miss my girlfriend Danielle like crazy when we’re on tour, but then when we see each other, all of that goes away. Didn’t somebody once say that absence makes the heart grow stronger?”
I sniffed and then smiled.
“Yes. Thomas Haynes Bayly.”
“I’m not going to question you on that one!” Liam said, grinning. Then he turned serious again.
“I’m not saying you and Niall are going to work out, but I think you should try. But what you have together is too precious to just give up on.”
I nodded, taking in his words. I didn’t want to lose Niall, so if long distance was the only way, I was all for it. I gave a tiny smile and Liam nodded, smiling too.
“You see? I think you know what to do.”
“I do. Thank you, Liam. Truly.” I said warmly, hugging him.
He helped me up.
“No problem. Now, go and put poor Nialler out of his misery.”

I walked down the hall quietly and found Niall’s room. Knocking softly on the door, I heard a faint,
“Come in.”
I stepped into the room and shut the door. Niall was lying on his bed, clasping a pillow to his chest, still crying. When he saw me, he scrambled up, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.
“Hello, Ceili.’ He said tiredly.
I didn’t respond, just sitting beside him and holding him close.
“Please stop crying, Niall.” I pleaded.
“I can’t!” he said sorrowfully.
“Because I wanted this to work, and now I know it isn’t going to.”
I pulled back and looked at him, leaning my forehead against his.
“We’ll make it work.” I said firmly.
“What?” he asked, raising his head.
“I said we’ll make it work. Because I don’t want to give up on us.”
“Us?” Niall breathed wonderingly.
I laughed and wiped away the traces of tears still on his cheeks.
“Yes, Niall. Us! Because there is going to be an us!”
Niall crashed his mouth against mine with so much force that I nearly fell off the edge of the bed. He caught me by the waist and hugged my tightly. I met his eyes and then burst out laughing.
“What is it?” Niall asked, holding back chuckles himself.
“How am I going to explain to the teenage girls of the planet that I’m the one who took Niall Horan off the market?”
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