Kiss Me, I'm Irish

I was only supposed to spend a normal holiday season in Ireland. Just a nice relaxing Christmas in the Emerald Isle. That's all I wanted, actually. Well, let me tell you, that did not happen. Let's just say, I had a pretty exhausting twenty four hours. Being chased by screaming fans, meeting iconic pop stars.....It can take it out of a girl!

Look, I know I'm being confusing, but none of this even makes sense to me yet! So just sit down, get comfy, because you're about to hear a crazy story...


2. I Gamble, Feeling Confident I Will Win

“Before you freak out-“Niall started.
“But you’re- you’re Ni-“
His hands quickly cover my mouth and his blue eyes shone with urgency.
“I don’t want to sound rude, but- please be quiet! Or else those girls will come back!”
I grimaced and then nodded once. He hesitantly released me, stepping backward. I just stared up at him for a few moments. This was nuts! Stuff like this didn’t happen to me! Niall glanced at me and then said,
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah.’ I said slowly, tucking a piece of my brown hair behind my ear.
“It’s just- I’ve never met a famous person before. So I’m not sure how to act.”
“You’re handling ti pretty well.” Niall said with a grin.
“This is probably the calmest reaction to my presence that I’ve ever gotten.”
“Is that something to be proud of?”
“Most definitely.”
Niall turned around and walked to the front of the alleyway, checking to see if the girls were gone.
“Okay, the coast is clear, we can go.”

We walked out of the alleyway and continued down the street.
“I noticed that that’s an American accent you’ve got there.”
“I’m from Collegeville, a suburb out Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”
“How’d you end up in Ireland for Christmas then?”
“My mom’s Irish. We’re visiting family.”
“I see. Is your dad Irish too?”
“No, my dad’s Canadian.”
“So your mom’s Irish, your dad’s Canadian, and you’re American?”
“We’re a multicultural family.”

As we talked, we thought about what I was doing. Talking to Niall Horan, one of the five members of the biggest boy band on the planet, as if we’d known each other all our lives. Oh, the madness that is my life. I jumped as Niall said something.
“Sorry, could you repeat that?” I asked.
“I asked what your name was.”
“It’s Ceili.”
“Ceili- as in the Gaelic word meaning party?”
“You got it.”
Niall chuckled and I felt my pride flare up. I’d been teased too many times about my name.
“Are you laughing at me?’ I asked defensively.
Niall hurriedly shook his head.
“No- God, no! It’s just- I was think you must be a major part-goer then?”
I smiled begrudgingly.
“Not at all. Give me a good book and I’m happy.”
“Eh, I’m not much of a wild party animal myself.”

We walked in silence until Niall said.
“It’s a shame about your notebook. Was it important?”
“Oh, no- It was just stupid writing.”
As I said this, I gave a sigh. The writing had been important to me.
“No writing’s stupid.’ Niall said suddenly.
“And it probably was important to the person who wrote it.”
I stared at him and he looked confused.
“You just read my mind!”
He shrugged.
“I write too, so I understand how you feel about it.”
I glanced at him, my interest piqued.
“What do you write?”
I blushed and mentally kicked myself. That should have been obvious; he was in a boy band for Peter’s sake!
“Oh yeah. That makes sense.” I said lamely.

We had arrived at my door. I stopped and turned to Niall, saying,
“Well, here’s where I stop. But what’s the name of the hotel you’re staying at/ I actually don’t know of any hotels around here.”
Niall smiled sheepishly.
“That’s because there are none.”
I stared at him, baffled.
“Then why-“
“I couldn’t have let a pretty girl like you walk home all alone, could I? That wouldn’t have been very chivalrous.”
“Er- okay.” I said, heart thumping. Niall Horan had just called me pretty!!!
“I’ll just get a taxi from here.”
“You could come in if you want. I’m sure my family won’t mind.”
I would have been so proud of this moment, me asking a member of 1D if he wanted to come into my house, if I hadn’t skidded on some ice. Niall grabbed my arm and kept me upright.
“You have serious balance issues, don’t you?” He said, chuckling.
“It’s not even funny how bad my balance is.” I said grimly, brushing my hair out of my eyes.
“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll have give it a rain check. The boys are probably wondering where I am.”
“Good night, Ceili.” He said, turning and walking down the steps.
“Good night- Niall.”
I reached under the welcome mat and withdrew the spare key, unlocking the front door.
I quietly crept into the house and hurried to my room to change into some dry clothes.

My fourteen year old cousin, Sara Jane, was waiting in my room for me, lying on the bed and flipping through a magazine. (Which, funnily enough, had One Direction on the cover)
“Where’ve you been?” she asked, casually flipping a page over.
“Tell me you covered me.” I pleaded, shrugging off my soaked jacket.
“Of course I did!”
“What did you say?”
“That you went to your room for some down time and to catch up with your reading.”
“Oh, bless you.” I said, flopping down on the bed beside her.

“Who was that boy with you?” she asked with a sly smile.
I cringed and looked out the window of my room. There was a clear view of the front door. Upon seeing Sara Jane’s expectant face, I blushed.
“You must promise to never, ever tell anyone.”
“Oh, so it really is important!”
“Promise me, Sara Jane!”
“Fine, I promise.”
“It was Niall Horan.”
Sara Jane burst out laughing.
“Oh, that’s really funny, Ceili. Now tell me who it really was.”
‘I swear it’s true!” I exclaimed, eyes wide.
I grabbed her magazine and pointed to the cover, reading it aloud.
“The 1D heartthrobs are to perform charity concert at the O2 in Dublin this holiday season.”
“And he did say that he just came from a concert.” I pointed out.
Sara Jane stared at me and then screamed,
“Shh!” I hissed.
“Don’t announce it to the entire house!”
“Tell me everything!” Sara Jane whispered.
I sighed and then, upon her insistence, gave a word for word account of our conversation. Once that was finished, Sara Jane squealed and clapped her hands.
“He totally fancies you, Ceili!”
“No, not a chance.’ I said dismissively, shaking my head.
Sara Jane rolled her eye at me.
“Oh, Ceili. When will you learn to accept your beauty and listen to what your wise cousin is saying? A member of One Direction likes you! You, my friend, are the envy of millions of girls right now!”
I shook my head again.
“Stop fantasizing things that will never happen, Sara Jane. I’ll never see him again.”
Sara Jane sighed and stuck her hand out for me to shake.
“I’ll bet you a fiver that he’s outside waiting for you tomorrow morning.”
I grinned and shook her hand firmly.
“Deal. But you better be prepared to lose five euro.”
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