Kiss Me, I'm Irish

I was only supposed to spend a normal holiday season in Ireland. Just a nice relaxing Christmas in the Emerald Isle. That's all I wanted, actually. Well, let me tell you, that did not happen. Let's just say, I had a pretty exhausting twenty four hours. Being chased by screaming fans, meeting iconic pop stars.....It can take it out of a girl!

Look, I know I'm being confusing, but none of this even makes sense to me yet! So just sit down, get comfy, because you're about to hear a crazy story...


4. I am Given a New Nickname

We drove back to the hotel and I prepared myself to meet the four other members of One Direction. Niall opened my door and we walked into the hotel together.
“We have to go in the side entrance.” Niall explained, avoiding the front door completely and walking around the side of the hotel.
“It prevents fan riots.”
“Yes, and we don’t want that!”

We got into the elevator and Niall pressed the very top button. One long elevator ride later, the door opened and we stepped out. Niall walked down the hallway to his door and I followed him.
Okay, Niall’s “hotel” room wasn’t really a room at all. It was the pent house that he shared with all the other guys. Niall unlocked the door and locked at me encouragingly.
“I’m scared.” I whispered.
“Don’t be. They’re really nice. And I know they’ll love you.”
I nodded resolutely and took a deep breath, walking through the door.

“Guys, we’re here.” Niall called, shutting the door behind us.
I heard scrambling coming from the front room down the hall. Then Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn were all walking toward me. And I was still wondering how this was happening to me of all people.
Louis, wearing his trade-mark red pants and striped shirt, spoke first,
“Hi, Ceili.” He said warmly, offering me his hand to shake.
“Hello.” I said shyly.
He grinned and pulled me in for a hug. Then he turned to Niall.
“Nialler!’ he cried, bear-hugging him.
I smiled and their greeting and then Zayn said,
“Vos’ happening?”
(I fangirled like crazy in my head when he said that. And don’t lie and tell me you wouldn’t have.)
Next Liam spoke.
“Hello Ceili. It’s great to finally meet you. Niall literally wouldn’t shut up about you last night.”
I glanced at Niall and he blushed.
“It wasn’t like that-“
“Oh yes it was!” Liam said.
“It was “Ceili this” and “Ceili that” all night long. I knew you must have been hot for him to go on and on about you like that!”
Now it was my turn to blush. I instantly went bright red and looked at my feet.
“Oh, Liam, don’t embarrass the poor thing!” Someone said jokingly.

I looked up and saw Harry. And then blushed even more because he was shirtless.
“Hey, the party had arrived!” he said, hugging me.
“because that’s what your name means, right? Party?”
“Harry, would you put some clothes on?” Niall said.
Harry turned to him and threw and arm around him.
“Am I embarrassing you, Niall?”
“Just- get a shirt, okay?”
Harry sighed, but left the room and then came back a few minutes later wearing a Family Guy shirt.
“So, you’re American, right?” Harry asked.
I nodded and then he said,
“That’s awesome. American people rock.”
I blushed again and he winked at me. Realizing that what he was saying bordered on flirtation, I took a step back and shrugged.
“Oh, I don’t know. You English are pretty cool too.”
Then I walked over to Niall and took his hand.
“But you know who are even better? Irish people.”
The room erupted in laughter.
“Oh, she’s a cheeky one, Niall!” Zayn joked.
“You’d better watch out!”

“So, guys, what should be do for lunch?” Niall asked.
“I’m starving!”
“Well, we all know where you would want to eat, Niall.’ Liam said.
Liam then turned to me.
“Let’s see how well Ceili knows you, Niall. Where above all else, would Niall Horan want to eat?”
“Nando’s?” I said hesitantly.
“And she gets it right!” Liam exclaimed, clapping.
“Nando’s it is then.” Niall said, taking out his cell phone.
“Don’t you need the number?” I asked, confused.
“I’ve got them on speed dial.”
I glanced at Liam.
“I don’t think he’s kidding.”

“Hey, Ceili?” Louis asked from the couch.
“Do you, by any chance, like Pokémon?”
“Are you kidding? Pokémon was , like, my entire childhood.”
Louis grinned and offered me the second controller to the PS3.
“Then I challenge you to battle!”
“Challenge accepted!”

After a ferocious battle between two animated characters, Louis sakn down into the bean bag chair.
“You’re excellent at this!”
“Did you think I wouldn’t be?”
“You’re like- Pikachu! Small and cute, but behind those rosy cheeks lies immense power. Niall, I say we keep her!”
“And that works, because Niall’s Oshawott.” Zayn said, sitting down.
“Since he’s so cute and cuddly!”
Niall groaned.
“Not that again!”

Twenty minutes later, our food arrived. Niall went to set the table and I helped him.
“Where do you keep your sp-“
Niall shot me a warning look and shook his head. He pointed to the cabinet above me and I opened it. Inside was a big jar labeled,
I giggled and took them down.
“I forget! Liam’s phobia!’ I said softly.
“Yep.” Niall said with a smile, taking the spoons from me.

We all sat down together and began to eat. I took one bite of Nando’s signature dish, peri peri chicken, and immediately started coughing.
“Hey, are you okay?” Niall asked, concerned.
“Ye-yeah. I just didn’t expect it to be that- spicy.”
Niall handed me a glass of water and I nodded gratefully to him, drinking some.
“Okay, Take Two.” I said, putting the glass down and trying more chicken. This instantly made me start coughing again.
“I don’t think this is going to work.” Niall said, taking my plate.
“But what’s she going to eat?” Zayn asked.
Niall leaned over, and switched his plate with mine.
“I’ll trade you.”
“Okay. Thank you.”
A few seconds later, I realized that everyone except Niall was staring at me.
“What is it?” I asked self-consciously.
“Niall never, ever trades his food with anyone. You really must be special!” Louis said.
I blushed and looked down, embarrassed. Under the table, Niall’s hand found mine and held on tightly.

Once we were finished eating, Liam, Harry and Louis left the room. A few minutes after that, Niall excused himself, saying he needed to get something. Then it was just Zayn and me.
“Niall really likes you, you know.” He said quietly.
“I like him too.” I said, smiling.
Zayn leaned forward and titled his head.
“I don’t think you realize how much Niall likes you. Ceili, Niall falls in love really fast. And the girls rarely ever love him back. They break his heart every time, and its grueling having to watching him go through it. He turns into a miserable shell of himself, and I don’t want him to go through that again.”
“I- I won’t-“
“Ceili, in how many days do you leave?” Zayn asked.
“Even that will break his heart.” Zayn said gently.
“Niall is always searching for his Princess, and I think he truly believes he’s found her in you. I don’t want to sound mean, Ceili. I think you’re great, I really do. And I think you’re perfect for Niall. But please don’t toy with him.”
I nodded and folded my hands.
“I- I understand.”

Our conversation ended when the other boys came back. Louis and Liam flopped down on the couch and Harry sat in the bean bag, switching on the television.
“Ceili?” Niall called from the corner of the room.
“Can you come here?”

I shut my eyes and then stood up, walking over to Niall. He smiled nervously, adorably, and then handed me a stack of paper.
“I wrote you a song.’ He said softly.
“As an early Christmas present.”
My eyes filled with tears at this kind gesture. Any thought of Zayn’s words flew out of my head and I flung my arms around Niall.
“Thank you! I didn’t know we were exchanging gifts, or-“
“I don’t need anything.” Niall said, smiling at me.
“Niall, look what your standing under.” Louis called suddenly.
We glanced up and blushed simultaneously. Because hanging above our heads was mistletoe.
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