Kiss Me, I'm Irish

I was only supposed to spend a normal holiday season in Ireland. Just a nice relaxing Christmas in the Emerald Isle. That's all I wanted, actually. Well, let me tell you, that did not happen. Let's just say, I had a pretty exhausting twenty four hours. Being chased by screaming fans, meeting iconic pop stars.....It can take it out of a girl!

Look, I know I'm being confusing, but none of this even makes sense to me yet! So just sit down, get comfy, because you're about to hear a crazy story...


1. I Am Chased by Screaming Fans, Even Though I'm Not Famous in Any Way

I was walking down the dark, deserted streets of Dublin all by myself. This might sound like the beginning of a bad horror movie, but I promise you it isn’t like that. Normally, I wouldn’t be caught dead outside, all alone in the cold December air. But this wasn’t normal. I was in Ireland visiting family for Christmas. I come from a big family, and we all flocked together for the holidays. All twenty- one of us under roof. I hope you can understand my cabin fever.
I’m a seventeen year old aspiring writer, and that afternoon had been struck with a great idea for a book. But at my house there was nowhere to sit and just write. So, I took matters into my own hands and bundled up in my warmest clothes, heading to the park a few streets away. I sat down on a snow-covered bench, took in the beautiful surrounds around me, and wrote to my heart’s content.
Unfortunately, time ran away with me and then I found myself walking home in the fading light, numb from the cold. My parents would probably commit murder when they saw me, because I had, ah, “forgotten” to tell them where I was going. So, there I was, striding forward on the foot path, notebook clasped to my chest. However, I was not blessed with good hand-eye coordination. Add some ice into the equation and I’m pretty much a goner.
I took one misstep on the aforementioned ice and landed right on my butt.
“Ow.” I groaned, rubbing my sore posterior.
Then I gasped. My notebook had fallen from my grip and landed in a puddle of snow on the side of the street.
“No!” I shrieked, snatching it up again and assessing the damage done.
“Oh, please no.”
I hurriedly wiped the cover with my sleeve and bit my lip in distress. The notebook was ruined, all the ink from my carefully written words blurring together.
“That’s what I get for not using a laptop.” I muttered with a sigh.
“Are you alright there?” somebody asked.
My head snapped up and I stifled a screech. Standing above me was some guy!
I just stared up at him for a few seconds, my blue eyes wide, hearting thumping beneath my sweater. The guy leaned down, and, grabbing my arm, hailed me up.
“Don’t touch me!” I cried, scrambling away from him.
He held his hands up in defense.
“Alright, alright!”

I stared at him suspiciously. He was about 5’7, and looked pretty strong. I tried to remember some defense techniques, but none sprang to mind. Scariest of all, he wore a baby blue beanie and dark sunglasses, even though the sun had set.
“Where did you come from?” I asked nervously, gulping.
“A concert.”
Oh great. He’s probably a metal head or something. My fear must have shown on my face, because the guy sighed and said,
“Look, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just walking back to my hotel.”
I blinked and then nodded. Clearing my throat, I said,
“Well- thank you for your assistance, but I must bid you a good night.”
I turned and strode away. I’d gotten about ten five steps when I realized he was still behind me.
“Are you following me?”
He looked at the heavens, clearly exasperated.
“Could it be possible that we are just heading a similar direction?”
I was about to say some sharp, witty comeback when a shriek cut me off.
And then a hundred screaming girls were running toward us. If you have never experienced this, then you have never known true fear. The guy muttered a curse under his breath and grabbed my hand, setting off into a sprint and pulling me behind him.
“What are you doing?” I cried.
“Running for it! And if you value your personal space at all, I advise you do the same!”

We ran for what seemed like miles, until I was gasping for breath. Suddenly, the guy tugged me into an empty alleyway and we watched as the girls stormed past. The guy leaned against the wall and breathed a sigh of relief.
“Thank God.”
“WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!” I yelled furiously.
“Who are you, anyway?”
Enraged, I leaned up and snatched off his shades and hat, displaying bright blue eyes and blonde hair. My breatn caught as he looked at me square on. Suddenly this crazy encounter made perfect sense. The concert he was at, the girls, the way he was dressed…
I was looking at Niall Horan.
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