That One Normal Day...

Daisy Lopez had a hard life in the beginning.

Now that Daisy goes to college and makes one close friend, Ariana, who she could trust with her secrets and life. When Daisy is discovered by a model agent, she is flown to Manchester to become a model; something Daisy never would have thought would happen to her. When Daisy receives a random text and lays eyes on a certain boy at the café, her life becomes a lot more exciting.

That one normal day could change someone’s life… forever


5. Tyler

Zayn’s POV



I talked to Daisy for about thirty minutes. She was really easy to talk to and she giggled to a lot of things I said. She was cute.


“Okay, well, we’re landing in about ten minutes, so I’ll see you tomorrow?” Daisy says disappointed when the announcements came on. “Yes, for sure, I’ll text you the address in a couple minutes, you know, approval from the boys,” I say smiling.


“Ok, Zayn, bye,” Daisy giggles, waving into the screen. I waved back and say bye. Daisy quickly blows me a kiss and hangs up.


She’s gone, just like that. I sigh and just lie on my bed. I can’t wait to see Daisy tomorrow. It’s going to be so much fun. She had told me she loved the beach and there’s a beach a couple minutes from the flat. It is going to be the best day ever.

“Zayn, get out of your room, dinner’s ready!” Harry says knocking on my door. “Okay, coming,” I call and heave myself up from my bed.


I swivel my legs around and stand up. I walk over to the door and unlock it. I open the door and am greeted with all the boys looking at me from the couch; except for Niall, he was in the kitchen piling tacos on his plate. No surprise.


“What?” I ask a bit rudely. “So, is Daisy coming or what?” Louis says snickering. “Yeah, she is coming,” I say, scratching the back of my neck awkwardly.  


“I’m cool, is anyone else coming with her?” Liam says getting up and walking to the kitchen to help himself for some tacos Harry made. “I don’t think so, just her,” I reply and follow Liam.


Once all of us have eaten, we chilled by watching a movie. It was Liam’s turn to pick and of course, he picked Toy Story. Before the movie started, I texted Daisy our address.


From Daisy: Great thanks! Can’t wait for tomorrow :D Xx


I smile to myself.


From Zayn: Can’t wait to! How was your flight? :) Xx


From Daisy: Great, could I text you later tonight, I just arrived at my brother’s :) Xx


From Zayn: No problem, text you later, have fun :) Xx


With that, I locked my phone and tucked it in my back pocket. I look up and see Harry smirk at me. He winked and I just rolled my eyes.


The movie finally started. Five minutes into the movie, Niall wined that her was hungry. “Go get popcorn!” Louis yelled excitedly. “Ok!” Niall yelled back. “Guys, really?” Liam says sadly, pausing the movie.


“Sorry, I’ll get popcorn,” Niall mutters, running into the kitchen. Liam smiles and plays the movie happily. I hear in the kitchen the rustle of bags. Soon, Niall comes back with a big bowl of popcorn.


Of course, Louis attempts to take some, but Niall slaps his hand away and lies in the corner of the couch to watch the movie with his popcorn.


When the movie was over, Harry, Louis and Niall were asleep, leaving only Liam and I.


“’Night mate,” Liam says getting up from the couch. “’Night,” I say and Liam leaves the room to get ready for bed.


I sigh and heave myself up to get ready for bed. I walk to my room and close the door. I then walk over to the connected bathroom and brush my teeth.


Once I was done, I hoped into bed and checked my phone. Good, I haven’t missed anything. Just then, my phone buzzes and it’s Daisy.


From Daisy: R u awake? :) x


I smile to myself.


From Zayn: Of course love :) x


From Daisy: Yay! Well, I’m gonna go to sleep, but I needed to tell you that I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! :D xx


I laugh at her text. She was so cute.


From Zayn: Same here love, can’t wait. Have something planned:) xx


From Daisy: Kk btw, heard Little Things, I really loved it! :) xx


From Zayn: Glad you liked it love:) xx


From Daisy: Need to go to sleep, night Zayn! :) xx


From Zayn: Night beautiful, sleep well:) xx


I smile and plug my phone in. I set it on the bed stand. I lay in bed and fall asleep thinking of Daisy.




Daisy’s POV


I can’t believe I’m going to see my brother! I haven’t seen him in like, forever. I had said bye to Taylor at the airport and am in the taxi to my brother’s house.


Then I got a text from Zayn saying his address. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I can’t believe I’m going to see Zayn tomorrow, and we met over an accidental text; funny, huh?


From Daisy: Great thanks! Can’t wait for tomorrow :D Xx


Zayn texted back almost immediately. 


From Zayn:Can’t wait to! How was your flight? :) Xx


From Daisy: Great, could I text you later tonight, I just arrived at my brother’s :) Xx


From Zayn: No problem, text you later, have fun :) Xx



I tucked my phone in the front pocket of my sweatshirt as the taxi slowed to a stop. “Thanks so much, sir,” I say handing the taxi driver my money.


I swing my bag over my shoulder and start getting out of the cab, but the taxi driver stopped me. “Miss, your change,” he said. “Keep it,” I say smiling warmly. “Thank you, thank you,” the taxi driver says as he opens the car door to get out and help me.


“No problem,” I reply. The taxi driver unloads my three bags and guitar case. He gets in the cab and waves good bye to me; then drives away.


My brother's small flat is right in the city. Thankfully there was a Starbucks about a five minute walk from here. Also, I realized Zayn’s flat was ten minutes from here.


I pick up my bags, struggling a little and walk up to the front door. I ring the door bell once. “Coming!” I hear Tyler’s voice call.


Tyler opens the door and I’m pulled into a huge bear hug. “Daisy!” Tyler cries into my shoulder. “Tyler, I can’t believe I’m here,” I say pulling away from my brother.


Tyler looked the same since the last time I had seen him, his shorter dark blonde hair and blue eyes similar to mine.


Tyler helped me lug my bags into his flat and I closed the door when we were both in. My brother and I walked past the small family room and down a hallway. When we reached the first door on the left, we entered.


The room was always my room when I stay at Tyler’s and has only been used the three times I’ve been in this house.


The double bed was in a corner with a bed side table with a lamp and clock on it next to it, a desk, dresser, a small flat screen TV mounted on the wall and a big boom box radio in the corner. Against the same wall as the door were multiple shelves of books, CDs and movies. Across from the bed was a small walk-in closet that was empty.


We set my belongings on my bed and hug again. I forgot how much I love Tyler’s hugs.


When I was unpacking, Tyler sat on my bed asking me questions about the flight and Zayn, whom I had told him about.


“Yeah, One Direction; I’ve seen them on the telly and have heard them on the radio,” Tyler says with a thick British accent. Sometimes I forget I have a British accent since I now live in the US.


“So, do you reckon they’re good?” I ask as I pull out my laptop from my Jansport, plug it in and set it on my desk. “See for yourself, Day,” Tyler says pointing to my laptop. “Right,” I reply as I open my laptop and go on to YouTube.


I searched One Direction and a bunch of videos came up about them. Most of them had a picture of Zayn and my heart fluttered.


“Oooo, click that one,” Tyler says from behind me. It was the official music video for Little Things.


I clicked on it and my heart stopped. Their voices were amazing and breath taking. I felt tears spring to my eyes as Zayn sang and looked into the camera. It felt as if he was singing to me. Just me.



Please comment what you think! Thanks so much everyone for reading! Love you. You're all beautiful:D Xxx

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