That One Normal Day...

Daisy Lopez had a hard life in the beginning.

Now that Daisy goes to college and makes one close friend, Ariana, who she could trust with her secrets and life. When Daisy is discovered by a model agent, she is flown to Manchester to become a model; something Daisy never would have thought would happen to her. When Daisy receives a random text and lays eyes on a certain boy at the café, her life becomes a lot more exciting.

That one normal day could change someone’s life… forever


3. The Invitation

“Wh… what?” I stutter. Oh, my god, I just criticized his band. “I’m sorry, I actually haven’t really heard your music,” I say apologetically. I hear Zayn chuckle. “What?” I ask. I couldn’t help but smile at Zayn’s laugh. “Love, don’t apologize for you true feelings,” Zayn says.


My heart skips a beat and my stomach fills with butterflies. He called me love. I have never felt this way about someone, yet, I still haven’t met Zayn.


“Oh sorry,” I say awkwardly. “What’s your name?” Zayn asks, breaking the couple seconds of silence. “Daisy,” I reply shyly. “Beautiful name, love,” Zayn says. I blush even though Zayn couldn’t see me. “Thanks,” I say in a whisper.

“Where are you?” Zayn asks. “Why?” I respond. “Because, your voice is a little chopped up, if you know what I mean.” Zayn responds. “Oh, well, I’m on a plane to Manchester,” I say, but am cut off but Zayn yelling excitedly.


“Really, I’m in Manchester! I…I mean, yeah, I’m here with the boys in Manchester.” Zayn says coolly after yelling. I giggle at him. “Who are you staying with?” Zayn asks. “My brother,” I reply.


Then I hear a voice. “Zayn, who are you talking to?” a voice says with an Irish accent. “Um… Harry,” Zayn lies. I laugh at him. “Doesn’t sound like it lad, but I don’t really care, ‘cuz I’m starving, ask Harry when he is going to be here,” the voice says. “Oh, ok, bye Niall,” Zayn says nervously.


I guess the boy’s name is Niall.


“No, Zayn, ask him, I want to know,” The boy wines. I laugh again. “Wait that was a… girl’s laugh! Zayn,” Niall says threateningly. Then I hear movement. “Niall, give it back!” Zayn yells in the background. I hear Niall laugh and yell, “You won’t get me Bradford Bad Boy!”


I burst out in laughter. Then I hear a door slam. “Hi,” I hear the Irish voice say in hushed voice. “Hey,” I say smiling. “Whoa, you are a girl, what’s your name?” Niall asks. In the background I hear Zayn yelling at Niall and banging on the door.  


“Daisy,” I reply laughing. “I’m Niall, Zayn’s friend. Are you and Zayn,” Niall says, but is cut off by Zayn. “NIALL HORAN, I’M NOT GOING TO FEED YOU TONIGHT!” Zayn yells.


Niall gasps and I hear the door open. “Here,” Niall mumbles. Then I hear nothing and I wait. A couple seconds later, Zayn is talking again, apologizing, speaking fast.


“Zayn, slow down, it’s fine,” I say giggling. “So, I’m guessing Niall loves his food?” I ask. “Yeah, let’s put it this way, if Niall could marry food, he would,” Zayn says chuckling. I laugh with him.


“So, why were you excited I was coming to Manchester?” I ask curiously. “Oh,” Zayn says shyly. There was a pause, and then Zayn took a deep breath. “Well, I was wondering if you wanted to see me, and the boys,” he says.


I smile at the idea. “That sounds amazing. But, tell me their names. I know you’re Zayn Malik, and then there is Niall,” I say. “Yeah, I’m Zayn, and it’s  Niall, then Harry, then Louis and lastly, Liam," Zayn explains.“Wow, there are five you guys, That’s cool,” I say amazed. “Yeah,” Zayn says.


Then I hear a knock on the door. “Zayn, I’m hiding in the bathroom and have to go, but we could text if you want, or call in couple hours,” I say quickly as the knocks get more impatient.


“Ok, no problem, Whatever, I would like to text, but we don’t have to,” Zayn says sheepishly. “I’ll text you, bye,” I say happily. “Bye love,” Zayn says and the line goes dead.


I quickly unlock the door and find Taylor in front of me. “What were you doing?” Taylor asks, cocking her head. “Talking to a friend,” I reply. “Oh, well, I was just wondering where you where, I can’t loose you,” Taylor says.


“Why can’t you loose me?” I ask suspiciously. “Um, because, you’re my best friend,” Taylor says nervously, but managed to get it pretty cheerful. I smile and we walk back to our seats. Taylor seems suspicious, but I can’t figure it out.


Taylor pulled out her phone and looked at me. “What’s your number?” Taylor asks. I tell her my number and she inputs it. Then I do the same to her number. Once we exchanged numbers, Taylor started listening to music and drifting off into a light sleep.


I pull out my phone and immediately text Zayn.



Please comment what you think of the story so far:) Thanks loves:D Xx

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