That One Normal Day...

Daisy Lopez had a hard life in the beginning.

Now that Daisy goes to college and makes one close friend, Ariana, who she could trust with her secrets and life. When Daisy is discovered by a model agent, she is flown to Manchester to become a model; something Daisy never would have thought would happen to her. When Daisy receives a random text and lays eyes on a certain boy at the café, her life becomes a lot more exciting.

That one normal day could change someone’s life… forever


1. On My Own

Tears started to wet my shirt as my best friend cried during our good bye hug. “And make sure to call me everyday, or at least text,” Ariana sniffled as she wipes her tears. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep in touch. A, I will always love you,” I say in a loving but friendly way.


In a couple minutes I’m going to board about a thirteen and a half hour flight to Manchester in England because I was noticed one day on the beach by a model agent who works for ELLE. I wasn’t really a model but I took the opportunity because, who wouldn’t! The audition is coincidently in Manchester which requires me to fly there; and ELLE paid for my flight.


I will be staying at my brother, Tyler’s house. I’m so excited to see Tyler since I haven’t seen him in about a year. He is the only family I have, so he means a lot to me and it broke my heart when he moved to Manchester. But now, if I get this model job, I’ll be moving to Manchester and be a lot closer to Tyler.


What I’m surprised about is why the lady chose me and not her; Ariana is a lot prettier than me. But then again, Ariana wants to be an actress and singer, not a model. She had told me that if she would have been offered, she would have turned it down anyways.


Ariana, A as I like to call her, was crying even though she was going to see me in a couple months. Her dyed long red hair was pulled into a high pony tail, to match her ‘lazy outfit’: a black tank top and a blue jacket that says ‘Geeky Cheerleader’, blue sweat pants and black UGGs; pretty much the same outfit except I had a white jacket with a black tank top that says ‘Feels Like Paris’, white sweatpants and black UGGs. Some of her hair was covering her deep brown eyes.


“OMG, A, I’m gonna be back in a couple months. It’s going to pass pretty quickly, you won’t even notice I’m gone,” I pulling Ariana into another bear hug.


My friend pulls back and wipes the tears from her face with the back of her hand and sniffles again. “I know, but still, you are gone. Who am I suppose to hang out with?” Ariana says smiling and looking into my eyes.


“Flight from Long Beach, California to Brooklyn, New York, calling all flight attendants from Long Beach, California to Brooklyn, New York.” The speakers blare throughout the airport.


 I had forgotten my plane stops in Brooklyn, then flies to Manchester; this is going to be even longer than I thought. I look at Ariana and quickly hug her a last time for about four months.


“Don’t get too crazy Day,” Ariana says to me, smirking. I playfully slap her right arm and bend down to pick up my Jansport backpack and guitar case. When I look up, Ariana is rubbing her left arm, making a pouty face. “That hurt,” she says. I laugh at her. “A, I didn’t even hit that arm,” I say giggling. My friend laughs with me, realizing what she did.


Ariana hugs me again and whisper’s in my ear, “You are going to become a model over there, and when you do, I’m flying up to join you,” I laugh at her and quickly kiss her cheek. Man, I was going to miss this girl.


I walked to the line of people, ticket in hand, and wait. I glanced back at Ariana, who was watching me. When it was my turn, I show my ticket, the airline lady checks my name, hands it back to me and I walk past her to board my flight.


I turn back one last time to see Ariana waving bye. I smile slightly, wave back and turn around.


I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about meeting new people and being with out Ariana. What I was excited about though was that I will get to see Tyler.


When I found my seat, I put my guitar case in the overhead and sat down in the comfy chair next to the window. Next to me was one empty chair.


After a couple minutes of watching people walk past me and find their seats, the seat next to me remained empty. Then, a girl puts something in the overhead and sits down next to me. Her beautiful blonde wavy hair cascaded down her back. Her grey-ish blue eyes shined with excitement and happiness.


The girl wore a simple long sleeved shirt and white jean shorts on and black vans to match.


The girl smiles at me and stretches out her hand. “Hey, I’m Taylor,” the girl says smiling. “I’m Daisy,” I reply, smiling and shaking the girl’s hand. “Why are you on this plane?” Taylor asks. “Oh, well, I have this modeling audition in Manchester,” I say. The girl’s eyes widen and she gasps.


“No way, Daisy, I swear, but I’m going to Manchester for a modeling audition, too!” Taylor says, practically bouncing out of her seat. “Really, I’m going to the model audition for ELLE.” I say shyly. “No fricking way; same here! Daisy, we are going to be best friends,” Taylor says smiling. “Totally,” I reply grinning.


As the plane fills up with people for the next several minutes, Taylor and I ask questions to each other. Apparently, we are the same age, eighteen. Then the speakers announce to prepare for take off. Taylor and I put our seatbelts on and wait for the plane to take off.


“So, do you go to school?” I ask. “Well, I want a singing career, so I’m going to this school in Hollywood.” Taylor says. “Really, you sing, that is so cool. I have always wanted to sing,” I say amazed. “I bet you have a great voice, you just have to reach in your heart,” Taylor says warmly. “I have tried, but it didn’t work out so well. I play guitar though,” I say laughing.


“I do too,” Taylor says then leans closer to me. “And I brought it with me, and I saw that you did, too,” she whispers pointing up above her to the overhead. She and I laugh.


“How were you, you know, discovered,” Taylor asks, making quote signals with her hands when she said discovered. “Well, my friend, Ariana and I were at the beach and this lady runs up to me and starts freaking out. And my friend and I were like, what the heck. So I asked what was wrong and she said that I was ‘it’. Then she gave me a card and told me to call her. When I did she told me all about this opportunity, and of course I took it,” I explain to Taylor who was listening intently.


“That’s so cool. Now that is a place you go every day isn’t it?” Taylor asks. “Yeah practically, Ariana and I rent an apartment near the beach, so we go when ever we could,” I reply. “And then one day you go and look at what happened. Oh, a day could change your life completely, you know?” Taylor says sighing as if she were daydreaming.


“Yeah, totally, how about you, what happened?” I ask. “Well, I was performing a solo at this little concert and a lady gave me a card telling me to call her about a modeling opportunity for ELLE. And of course, I called and here I am,” Taylor says.


For the next couple hours, Taylor and I talked, asking each other questions to find out more about each other. I found Taylor really funny, nice and fun. She was easy to talk to, too. I’m excited to have a friend on this trip.


What I didn’t know that this girl who I thought was my friend will soon break my heart and leave me crying.  


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