That One Normal Day...

Daisy Lopez had a hard life in the beginning.

Now that Daisy goes to college and makes one close friend, Ariana, who she could trust with her secrets and life. When Daisy is discovered by a model agent, she is flown to Manchester to become a model; something Daisy never would have thought would happen to her. When Daisy receives a random text and lays eyes on a certain boy at the café, her life becomes a lot more exciting.

That one normal day could change someone’s life… forever


7. Nick

No way. Why him? Why Nick?


Ok, so if you don’t know, Nick is my ex- boyfriend. I used to live here in England with Tyler in this flat for six years until I was accepted to the college in the USA.


I had thought Nick loved me, but he abused me, and left me to cry. I used to have bruises all over my body. I used to cut myself because of what Nick would say to me and call me.


It was terrible. I never told Tyler about what Nick did to me because Nick threatened me, but one night Tyler saw cuts on my arm and questioned me. I refused for so long, but Tyler didn’t stop pushing me.


After about two days after finding the cuts on my arm, I finally gave in and told Tyler about Nick; and Tyler did what he had to do to get Nick away from me.


So, that is why I’m gaping at Nick who was standing in the doorway.


Nick leaned against the doorway, and flipped his brown hair to the side. “Hey babe,” Nick says smirking at me. “Get… get away from me,” I stammer and back up towards the kitchen.


“Get out of here,” my brother says coldly and closes the door. Nick stops the door with his foot and shakes his head no and making three clicks with his tongue.


“Nick, get out. My sister really doesn’t want to see you and neither do I,” Tyler growls. Nick puts his hands up in defense and looks me in the eyes. Then he turns to Tyler. “I’ll be back,” he breathes to Tyler then walks away.


Tyler slams the door and runs over to me to pull me into a hug. He picks me up and sits me on the couch. I burst into the tears and cry into my brother’s shoulder.


“Sh, Daisy, I would never let him touch you,” Tyler assures me. “I know, but how did he know I was here?” I ask trembling. “I don’t know,” Tyler says quietly. 


Tyler and I stay silent for five minutes until the door bell rings again. I stiffen and look at Tyler. He kisses my head and walks to the front door.


“Hello,” Tyler says cheerily. I look up and grin.


Pizza was here!


Tyler paid the delivery man and walks towards me with a large box of pizza.


“What the hell Tyler, we aren’t going to eat that all,” I giggle as Tyler sits next to me. He sets the pizza box on the coffee table in front of us and opens the box. “Oh yes we are,” Tyler says grinning.


The smell of pepperoni pizza fills the air. Tyler and I lean in over the box of pizza and take a deep breath then laughed at ourselves.  


I reach for the biggest piece of pizza in the box and took a bite. Tyler does the same and we watch Horrible Bosses for the next hour, eating all the pizza.


Soon it was nine thirty at night and the movie was finally over. “I’m going to bed,” I say with a yawn. I quickly hug Tyler and walk down the hallway to my bedroom.


I change into pajamas. They were black cloth short shorts with ‘CHEER’ written in silver on the butt. I wore a white spaghetti strap tank top.


I throw my dirty clothes in the hamper in the closet and go to my bathroom. I close the door and wash my face and brush my teeth.


When I was done, I go to my bedroom. Before I close my door and yell, “Good night Ty!” “’Night Day! Sweet Dreams!” Tyler yells back from further down the hall in his bedroom.


I close my door and pick up my phone from my desk, which was charging and decide to text Zayn. It was about ten minutes to ten. I shrug and text him anyways.


From Daisy: R u awake? :) x


I wait for a reply and less than minute later Zayn texts back; making me smile.


From Zayn: Of course love :) x


From Daisy: Yay! Well, I’m gonna go to sleep, but I needed to tell you that I can’t wait to cya tomorrow! :D xx


From Zayn: Same here love, can’t wait. Have something planned:) xx


Oh my gosh, he already has something planned, how sweet.


From Daisy: Kk btw, heard Little Things, I really loved it! :) xx


From Zayn: Glad you liked it love :) xx


From Daisy: Need to go to sleep, night Zayn! :) xx


From Zayn: Night beautiful, sleep well :) xx


The last text makes me blush. I set my phone down and turn my light off, leaving my room dark except for the dim moonlight that shined through the window about my bed.


I snuggle underneath the covers and fall asleep; thinking of Zayn.




“WAKE UP!” I hear someone yell in my ear. I bolt up and fall onto the floor, face first. Great way to start your morning isn’t it?


I look up and see Tyler laughing his butt off on the floor. I pull myself into a sitting position and cross my arms defensively.


“That wasn’t funny,” I huffed, but then started laughing.


Tyler helped me up and we walked out into the kitchen.


“What do you want?” Tyler asks. “Let’s go to the café!” I say excitedly.


This café right down the street from this house was where I used to always meet my friend, Ashley, and we would sing to earn money. I was the lead singer, so I guess I was in a band. We called ourselves The Awkward.


Tyler ginned. “You know the café makes the best pancakes.” He says and walks back down the hall. “I know,” I call. “Be ready in twenty.” Tyler demands and closes the door so he could get ready.


I run to my room and pick out a pair of light denim shorts, a tan belt and a sweater that is longer in the back and shorter in the front. I go into the bathroom and take a quick ten minute shower.


Then I blow dry my hair and curl it. I always either curl, straighten or just put my hair in bun. Then I put a small amount of mascara for make up.

When I was got dressed, I tucked the front of my sweater in and I put on a gold necklace with a single feather at the end. I put on a pair of tan leather boots that had a small heel.


Satisfied with my appearance, I grab my bag with my phone and walk out and see Tyler reading a magazine. “Finally, I say twenty and you took twenty five,” Tyler says in a joking tone.


“Oh, whatever, I’m hungry,” I say lightly punching Tyler on the arm.


And then I just remembered about Zayn! How could I forget?


I quickly whip out my phone and see he had texted me.

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