That One Normal Day...

Daisy Lopez had a hard life in the beginning.

Now that Daisy goes to college and makes one close friend, Ariana, who she could trust with her secrets and life. When Daisy is discovered by a model agent, she is flown to Manchester to become a model; something Daisy never would have thought would happen to her. When Daisy receives a random text and lays eyes on a certain boy at the café, her life becomes a lot more exciting.

That one normal day could change someone’s life… forever


4. Face Time

From Daisy: Hey, sorry for taking so long


I wait for a reply, and smile when my phone buzzes.


From Zayn: Its fine love, when do you want to visit? We have a month off:)


Hm, when do I want to visit? Well, the model tryout is next week, but I have to check in with the office in two days. I guess I have tomorrow.


From Daisy: Well, how about tomorrow?


My phone buzzes almost instantly when the message sent.


From Zayn: Sounds great! Can’t wait to see you! I’ll send you the address.


I quietly screamed excitedly. I can’t wait to see Zayn. Then I realized I could right now. I plug in my headphones and pressed the Face Time button on the screen. It dial’s about two times before it starts connecting.


I see my face pop up as the phone connects. Ugh, I look terrible. Before I could hang up, the most perfect face pops up with three other boys behind him.


The boy in the front was gorgeous with his brown eyes and perfect lips. His hair was done into a perfect quiff, which suited him very well. I have to admit, I was speechless.



Zayn’s POV


I’m waiting for Daisy to text me. She sounded so cute over the phone and I really want to see her and meet her in person. I was really surprised that she wanted to see me even though she doesn’t know who I am.


I had saved Daisy as a contact in my phone. Luckily, Harry arrived at the flat a couple minutes ago and was making dinner right now. I could smell it already. I walk out to the kitchen where Niall was watching Harry make tacos.


“Where are Louis and Liam?” I ask. “They went to the beach remember? They called me and told me they are going to be here about now,” Harry says not taking his eyes off his food. With that, the front door opens and in comes Louis and Liam.


They were both in their swim trunks and tank tops and looked beat. “Have fun?” I ask taking a seat on the couch. “Yeah, got mobbed by some girls, not really a surprise though,” Liam says and plops himself next to me.


“What did you do all day?” Liam asked me. “Oh, well,” I say, but am interrupted by my phone. My heart fluttered when I looked down at my phone and saw Daisy had texted me. This girl seriously had an effect on me.


“Who’s Daisy?” Liam asks looking at my phone. Louis runs over to the couch and looks at me grinning. “Your girlfriend?” Louis asks cheekily. “Shut up,” I mutter and move to the recliner.


As I unlock my phone, I feel the boy’s eyes on me. I look up from my phone. “Leave me alone,” I say offended. “Sorry lad, we can’t,” Louis says and stands behind the recliner to watch me text Daisy.


I roll my eyes and unlock my phone. I look at the text and it makes my heart flutter.


From Daisy: Hey, sorry for taking so long


I instantly text back.


To Daisy: Its fine love, when do you want to visit? We have a month off:)


Louis laughs at me. “What?” I ask him. “You love her,” Louis teases. I blush. I didn’t love Daisy. I haven’t even seen her yet. I can’t love her… right?


From Daisy: Well, how about tomorrow?


My heart leaps.


To Daisy: Sounds great! Can’t wait to see you! I’ll send you the address.


“Wait, don’t send that girl our address!” Liam yells at me. I look up and realize Louis, Liam and Niall were standing behind me and watching what I text. “Why? She doesn’t even know who I am or who we are. You think she is going to tell all our fans?” I snap.


“Zayn, you don’t even know this girl,” Niall says. “Her name is Daisy,” I say but am cut off by a call. I look at my phone. Daisy wants to Face Time me. I smile and click answer.


The lads crowd behind me and watch as my phone connects. Then the most beautiful girl pops up on the screen.


Her blonde hair was pulled into a messy bun, which was so cute. The girl’s blue eyes where sparkling even though it was a little dark. Her smile was perfect, showing bright white teeth. Was this Daisy? Damn…


“Erm, hey are you Daisy?” I ask after a couple seconds of silence. I could tell the other boys were in awe. “Yeah, I’m going to guess you’re Zayn?” Daisy says giggling. “Yep, and this is Niall,” I say pointing at Niall behind me to my left.


“Hey Daisy,” Niall says waving at Daisy. “Hey Niall, were you the one who took Zayn’s phone?” Daisy asks, laughing quietly. “Yep,” Niall says proudly. I roll my eyes.


“And this is Liam and Louis,” I say gesturing towards the two lad behind me. “Hey, nice to see you,” Daisy says smiling. “I thought there were five of you?” Daisy asks studying the screen. “There are, Harry is cooking tacos,” Liam explains pointing behind him.


“Oh, I love tacos. They are better than this crappy airline food,” Daisy says holding up a bag of peanuts. The boys and I laugh at Daisy.


“Who are you guys talking to?” Harry asks from behind us. “Zayn’s girlfriend,” Louis says smirking. Daisy’s eyes widen and then she starts laughing. “Louis, shut up,” I say slapping Louis in the arm.


I get up and walk to my room, wanting to be by myself to talk with Daisy. When I close and lock the door, I lie on my bed and look at my screen. There was Daisy.


“Sorry about that,” I say blushing. “No problem, it was funny.” Daisy says. “So, how much longer do you need to be on the plane?” I ask. “Um, I believe about an hour,” Daisy says.


“Oh, well, now we could get to know each other,” I say smiling. Daisy grins. Then someone taps on Daisy’s arm. Daisy looks to her right.


“Who are you talking to?” A girl asks. “A friend,” Daisy says. Then she faces her phone to a girl with curly blond hair. “Oh my god is that Zayn Malik?” the girl asks excitedly. “No, I said he’s a friend,” Daisy says slowly.


I thank Daisy silently for attempting to cover me up.


“Alrighty, what ever you say,” the girl says. I laugh at her. Luckily, Daisy had earphones in so the girl couldn’t hear me.


When the phone was facing just Daisy I asked her questions. “Who was that?” I ask. “Oh, my friend Taylor,” Daisy says. “Oh, well, why are you coming to Manchester?” I ask. “Well, I got an opportunity to become a model for ELLE, and it’s in Manchester,” Daisy explains.


That explains why Daisy is the most beautiful girl in the world. “You’ll for sure become a model,” I compliment. Daisy blushes, which is the cutest thing ever.


Man, I’m falling for Daisy. She’s gorgeous, funny, kind. I don’t know her that well, but for sure, I have never felt like this before.


Okay, please comment what you think so far:) Love you all:D Thanks for reading:) Xx

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