Forever & Always

Peyton Longer has had a tough past..She feels everything is hopeless until she finds a boy that changes her everything..Liam Payne.


3. Things Get Better..Not

As A year or two creeps by, I find that maybe I was strong enough to make it. Maybe I did have a purpose and maybe things were going to be okay. I find myslef laughing again, only looking at the good memories. But God, it took a long time to do. I still cry myself to sleep some nights and maybe I'm not as happy as I've ever been, but I'm a hell of a lot better than I was. Things are changing. Turning around.



It's a warm day, I'm inside a gym finishing up a volleyball tourney. The game is quickly ending and we are taking the lead quite notably. We win the championship and after a few smiles and pictures I run to my dad who's sitting on the bleachers. I notice something isn't right. My dad isn't very good at hiding things from people so it was quite noticable. I wondered what was happening. When we finally arrived to the truck I pulled out a granola bar from my bag because I was so hungry! I asked dad what was going on as I took my first bite. My dad begins to cry as he tells me. I've only seen my dad cry twice, once when me and my brother survived a tornado together and they finally found us (another horrid memory from my past) and the day theat my grnadmother died. He tells me that one of my uncles is diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. He tells me it has spread throghout his mid section. They go to the hospital with a stomach ache and leave with a death prediciment. My dad tells me there is nothing else that they can do and that we just wait until he is gone. I lose my appetite and throw my granola bar out the window. I can't eat it. I can't do anything. I am hopelessy confused and feel like I am wondering around. I cry and I know that before we arrive at the hospital to visit him I have to look like I'm okay. I have to be strong.

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