Forever & Always

Peyton Longer has had a tough past..She feels everything is hopeless until she finds a boy that changes her everything..Liam Payne.


5. Rise

As a depression for me grows once again, I am lost, once again. School is letting out this week, and I am ready to just hide myself away from the world again. I'm being bullied, being called fat and ugly. Even though I am neither it still gets to me, and my breaking point is appraoching. I moap through the hallways and barley pulling through each day. I tried cutting, once. I did it, and it hurt so I promised I would never do it again. I have stuck to that promise but I don't know where to turn to. Finally to my relief school is released and I am gone for the summer. I decide the first week of summer that I need something to do. I need a job or somewhere where I can start fresh and nobody will know of me and my breaking backbone. I drive to the nearby college town and apply for a few managing assistant jobs and I come across one that needs someone to help with the summer tour of One Direction. I really don't know who they are but whatever. They need someone and they don't know me. It's fresh. So I decide to try it.


I pull up to a quaint little building and walk into the lobby. It's almost like an office but too fun. It has some art pieces stroon out on the walls and the smell of fresh coffee is sneaking into my nose.  I go to office desk to find a woman a few years older than myself with blonde hair and honey brown eyes. She looks up at me and smiles enthusiastically. She studies my face for a few seconds and then she finally breaks the awkward moment. She cheerfully says "May I help you?" I ask her about the assistant intern job that I had read about and she says that they are accepting applicants and she would love if I would fill out a quick paper and she would meet me with someone as soon as I finished. This was One Directions American office. It controlled what happend and all there accomidations in America. It controlled tour buses they used, hotels they stayes at, restraunts that catered to them, the whole nine yards. I quickly fill out a few questions on the paper. Most of them are simple. How old are you? 16. First Name? Peyton. The easy questions continued on and on. I finally filled out the last of them and brought the paper back over to the desk woman. She calls up to someone names Brent and I wait patiently until she tells me to ride the elvator to the fourth floor and head to room 492 where a man named Brent would be waiting for me. I followed her orders and soon enough "Brent" was standing before me. A handsome man with wavy reddish brown hair and blue eyes. He was very tall and intimidating. If I were to guess he would be about 30 to 35 years old. He asked me a few questions. (Simple Ones again) He then offered me a cup of coffee which I gratefully accepted and sipped occasionaly. He finally finished up with the simple questions and told me to come back in a week with a resume. He said he would then let me know the news if they would give me the job. On the way out I spotted a brown haired boy with a neatly shaven head and bright browns eyes. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I stopped and before I realized it he was looking at me with the same expression. I was focusing on every little detail of him before he was interuppted and taken away by someone he called "Harry."


I was haunted by the image of this boy for the week. I worked on my resume and continued living the depression life I no longer wanted to live. I hoped for a better tomorrow. I met up with the managment people tomorrow so it was impossible to get a good nights rest. I tried anyway and dozed off everntually.  

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