Forever & Always

Peyton Longer has had a tough past..She feels everything is hopeless until she finds a boy that changes her everything..Liam Payne.


2. My Past


It is Easter Sunday. It's a beautiful day, and people outside are laughing and singing, searching for eggs and candy. But I am not. I am in a hospital room crying. My love is dying. My beautiful grandmother who has always been strong and independent is dying before my eyes. I am standing there helpless able to do nothing as cancer eats her alive. Her platelet count is low a decreasing as the seconds tick. Her helpless body lay stiff and her congested deep breaths are slowing. It has been a month from hell. I've been trying to keep up my studies but I can't focus with somone so close to me dying. I have always been so close to her. I remember the Saturday nights and Sunday mornings I spent with her like yesterday. At 80 years old she would still go outside and play softball with me, play board games, and we would gossip like best friends and be merry like lovers. What do you do when you know someone is dying and your spirit is dying to because your everything lay there in front of you taking her last breaths. Her breathing is slowing even more. Our whole fmaily has gathered around the bes at this time. My four aunts and there husbands, my mother and father, my brother, my cousins, fmaily friends, even distant relatives are around because as an extened family our bond is so strong. Her breaths are slowing even more. She isn't even recognizable. She's not the beautiful one I remember singing songs in the Smoky Mountains, having an ice cold beer, and dancing her heart out. Her last breath is taken. She die in her sleep. I pray peacfully and not in pain because she had suffered so much for the last few months. We say our goodbyes, say a prayer for her, and quietly we all leave the room. There is silence. No one dares to break it, we don't know what to say. The rest from there is a blur. I don't remember. I just remember a few weeks after I went into depression. I was never officially diagnosed but I know. I know people don't feel that way. Ever. I pray to God nobdy has to feel the way I did. I was hopeless things were closing in. Why did it matter? I didn't care about anything. I cried myself to sleep for a year or so.

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