Forever & Always

Peyton Longer has had a tough past..She feels everything is hopeless until she finds a boy that changes her everything..Liam Payne.


8. It's Starting!

I shoot up the next morning feeling excited and happy. The morning was fast and before I knew it I was on my way to the office. I already missed my family but I knew I would have fun and be just fine. I drive to the building and I see a giant black RV looking bus parked in front of it. Oh my God it was huge. I stand there ahgast under the deep blue sky, cloudless. I am finally greeted my some boys and a girl wearing shirts that say "security" across the chest. They smile at me and ask if I need any help carrying my bags. I tell them yes and pop the trunk. They were a little surprised and jokingly asked if I had brought enough. I guess I did pack a lot of bags. But I'm a girl so what did they expect? They take it and load it on the tour bus. They invite me in and tell me I can take a seat. I obey and sit on a plush brown couch. I examined the bus. It was huge, currently empty of people, but looked very large. The walls were painted a pretty beige color and had some expensive looking accent lighting on the ceiling. There was quite a bit of furniture in the main room. It was full of large white tables, a few reclining plush chairs, and a large brown couch. It was cozy; a bit stuffy for summer time, but very very cute. I look into the next room and I see a large bathroom with a large shower surrounded by glass. Geeze, looks expensive. The sink is a rutsic elegant brown. It poured water like a waterfall. The toliet was also very elegant and expensive looking surprisingly. My feet shuffle from the cold floor of the bathroom to the soft rugs. After a few minutes of unpacking my toiletries I feel the need to finish my tour of the bus. I walk into the kitchen area which is fit for a king. A beautiful island counter in the center of it all. A large silver stove with matching appliances around it. Quite a bit of cabinent space surrounds me. The lights are still dim with the brown theme still continuing from the other parts of the bus. I scuzzy into the bedrooms, Where there are two with seven beds. I see some bunk beds, some large beds and other homey things in these two rooms. It looked so comfy I just wanted to jump in there and sleep for a few hours. I'm startled by the presence of someone behind me. "HEY!" Brent yells in my ear. I jumped about a foot. He apologizes for startling me and I reassure him it's okay even though he scared the shit out of me.

He tells me that I will be sleeping on the bus with them and that someone named Paul will too. He tells me that us seven are the only ones who will be on the bus. I'm fine with that. All of the sudden I hear a comotion going on in the main room, and Brent and I decide to go and see what's going on. They five boys have started making themselves at home already. Niall goes to the kitchen and grabs some chips to snack on, while the rest of them just chill out on the chairs and couch. I walk in and say "What's up?!" really awkward and nerdy. They smile at me, and say "Hey," but continue on their phones and such. Brent asks a few times if we have everything settled in and are ready to go. We tell him yes, and he gives us a long goodbye speech and finally walks off. Paul comes on and without saying a word to anyone he gets in the drivers seat and we're on our way. Louis smiles at me and says "So, where do you come from babe?" I ame excited that they are finally talking to me so I answer quickly and say "Bloomington. Bloomintgon, Indiana." They nod there heads even though I picked up they have no idea where that is. I look at Liam and I catch him starring at me. He quickly looks away and back down to his phone. Louis and Harry look at eachother. It makes me wonder what Liam has said about me and why they are looking at each other like that. What did Liam say? Did he even say anything or are they catching on to the eye contact we keep making?

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