Forever & Always

Peyton Longer has had a tough past..She feels everything is hopeless until she finds a boy that changes her everything..Liam Payne.


1. I am me

As I sit in my room I look around at the old memories hanging on the wall. I look at my family and me smiling so big that our eyes look like slits. Mine always did that no matter how big I smiled though. Some people laughed and wondered why I shut my eyes everytime I smiled or laughed. Others understood that it was true happiness gleaming from my eyes straight from my heart. I can't help the fact that my entire face smiles everytime my mouth does. It's just a flaw about me I've learned to accept, and now I love it. I embrace it. It's beautiful. Who doesn't love to see happiness radiate from someone? It's beautiful. I've always been on the search for someone else like that. Someone who smiles just as big as I do. And who's eyes shut tight just like mine. That's a true smile. That's how I tell what kind kind of person someone is. It's all in the smile. If someone looks like they're radiating they probably are. It's so beautiful and angelic it can't be put into words.

That's just me. I'm confident with who I am. It hasn't always been that way, but I am now. I have long, dark brown, wavy, thick hair. It flows and reaches down mid back. I have a round heart shaped face that I haven't always loved. But now I do. My eyes are huge. They are a deep emerald green with a few brown streaks in the left one. I have long thick lashes and bold black eyebrows that are plucked to perfection looking almost too perfect. Big pink lips are present and work in contrast with my medium dark colored skin. A few freckles are colored on my face. A beautiful face. I've been told I should model many times and I am confident. My body is is muscular and toned. I am standing only five three but proud of what I have worked for. I stand strong from a shaky past.

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