The Leap?

Okay, just don't make fun of my story, please? I'm writing it for my lil sis, and I'm not a good writer, so I need help to improve it a lot. Haha, just please no hate! Thank you!! :)


4. ....4

Chapter 4
A cool breeze rushed by my face. I sprang up in my bed. I looked at the clock. 5 am. It's really early for me to be up.
I hear my name being called downstairs.
I slowly get up and walk down the stairs. It was my mom. I looked at her.
"What did you do to Niall?" I asked her.
"Nothing. He's gone. He left you this though," she handed me an envelope.
I ran upstairs. I wasn't going to open the envelope down there. They would want to know why it says. They're nosy like that.
I tore open the envelope and found a letter and a VIP pass. The letter said:
Sorry I left without saying goodbye, but if you want your journal back, come to the concert tonight. Love, Niall
I ran over to my dresser where I kept my journal. It was actually gone. I can't believe he really took my journal.
I went downstairs to talk to my mom. I wasn't gonna tell her that I was going to see a boy by myself, so I tried to make up a tiny exaggeration.
"Hey, Mom. Can I go to Lily's tonight?" I asked, nicely.
"Sure, Sweetie. How are you going to get there"
Good question..
"Lily's mom is going to pick me up."
My mom nodded her head in agreement.
I was going to go for a walk while I waited for a cab I called. About 15 minutes later, the cab was here. I hopped in and the driver the address I needed to go to. I pulled out my phone to text Lily, but Niall was calling, so I answered it.
"Hello?" i said.
"Are you coming early?"
"Yeah, I am almost there."
"Okay, love you."
I didn't know how to respond to that. I didn't know he loved me. I thought we were just friends. I could tell he liked me, and who wouldn't like Niall Horan? I was a little freaked out though. I decided I was going to shake it off and not worry today.
The cab pulled up to the arena. I walked to the door, and Niall opened it before I touched the handle. He picked me up and swung me around.
"Can I have my journal back" I asked.
"Not yet.'
Ugh.. This guy is complicated.
"Niall hasn't stopped talking about you." Liam said. I could see Niall's cheeks turn bright red.
Niall smiled and said, "Liam can I talk to you for a second?" He grabbed Liam's arm and took him to a room.
As they were talking, someone tapped me on the shoulder. It turned around.
"No wonder Niall hasn't stopped talking about you," a boy with curly hair said. Harry. "Awww.. You look cute when you blush."
"Well, thanks." I said shyly. I heard adoor shut, so I turned around to see who it was. Niall and Liam walked out of the room. They walked over to me and Harry. Niall gave Harry a glare. He grabbed my hand and led me to a dredsing room.
"When can i have my journal back?" I asked.
"You really want your journal back, don't you?"
"Well, yeah. It has some personal stuff in it."
"You can have it when you to the hotel after the concert."
I smiled and sighed. I guess I had to. I didn't want to risk him reading it.
The concert was really fun. I didn't like how I stood back stage all by myself though, and everybody was staring at me like I was lost or something. It was quite awkward.
After the concert, we all piled into the car. Harry was sitting across from me and Niall. he was staring at me. I think Niall noticed it and didn't really like it that much. We arrived at the hotel. and there was a bunch of screaming fans. Louis had to grab me and put me between him and Liam, so none of the girls could get to me.
"I'm like your hero," Louis said, "you can call me Superman!"
I laughed. "Okay, Superman."
All six of us settled in in the living room. Zayn started to go through the movies they had brought.
"Louis, which one?" he hands the movies to Louis.
"Um.. I wanna watch them both."
"Okay, we can. Just pick which one you want to watch first."
"The Notebook for the two lovebirds."
Harry made a face at the word "lovebirds".
After we watched the movies, it was 2 A.M. I fell asleep during the second movie.
"Niall, what are you doing?" Liam asked.
"Watching her sleep. She looks so cute." I woke up when Niall started to twirl my hair. "I'm going to take her to bed. i'll be right back."
He showed me where the bedroom was and covered me up. He went back to the living room. I could hear them talking and laughing. Finally, they all went to bed. Niall walked in the bedroom to check on me. He saw that I was awake.
"If you need anything I will be in the living room," he told me.
Hours later, I walked to the couch to find Niall awake. "What" he said.
"I can't go to sleep." I told him. He sat up on ad patted the couch. I walked around and sat down.
"Have you thought about me offer?" he asked.
"Mmhmm, I have.." I said.
"What do you think?"
"I want to, but I'm only 14. I hope you know you will have to wait about three years, right?'
He nodded, "You're worth the wait.."
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