The Leap?

Okay, just don't make fun of my story, please? I'm writing it for my lil sis, and I'm not a good writer, so I need help to improve it a lot. Haha, just please no hate! Thank you!! :)


3. ....3

Chapter 3

I know I probably shouldn't of agreed to go outside, but who else would that be? Two British accents in America. It's obviously members from One Direction. I opened the door and saw Liam and Harry.
"How do you know where I live?" I asked them.
"We know people." Liam said.
Creepy, but okay. "So you took the time to drive from Kansas City to here... Why?" I questioned them. They didn't answer. They grabbed my arms and led me to Zayn and Louis. Zayn gave me a gold necklace. It was locket that was shaped like heart. Louis grabbed my arm and then he led me to a park where I saw Niall. He ran up to me. He took my hand and showed me to a tree. I couldn't look at him straight in the eyes because I was kind of embarrassed, but I did catch a glimpse of his big, beautiful blue eyes. He was staring at me.
"What?" I asked him.
"Mandy, I've been waiting to do this," he leaned in a little bit closer," I know we just met, but I think I'm falling for you." Just then something hit him in the back of the head. I couldn't help but laugh. "Ouch!" He yelped.
All the boys came running out of the bushes.
"Are you okay?" asked Louis.
"Yeah. It's not like I broke my damn arm. Wait, we're you guys spying on us??" Niall asked.
"Nooo" they said in unison.
"Come on, Niall." I said. I grabbed his head, and we laced or fingers together. He gave me his jacket to wear and it smelt good. I was taking him to my house. I asked my parents if he could stay the night. I went outside to get him. I took him upstairs to the guest bedroom which is next to my room.
"This is where you'll be sleeping." I could see him observing the blue walls and the green carpet. It wasn't the prettiest room in the house. "Oh, and my room is right there." I pointed to the wooden door. We stayed up and talked. I learned things about him that I never knew. I was getting tired, so I went to bed. I couldn't sleep for some reason though. It was about an hour later when I heard my door close and lock. Someone climbed in my bed.
"I need something," Niall said. "I need you." I could feel the covers move. He put his arms around me and pulled me closer.
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