The Leap?

Okay, just don't make fun of my story, please? I'm writing it for my lil sis, and I'm not a good writer, so I need help to improve it a lot. Haha, just please no hate! Thank you!! :)


2. ....2

Niall's POV
I can't believe Harry walked in on me. "Harry, why did you walk in on me???" I asked him. I regretted asking him that because I didn't want to talk about that with the other guys here.
"Because Paul wouldn't wait for you any onger." Harry said.
"Waited a few more seconds for what?" Louis, Liam, and Zayn asked curiously.
"He was about to kiss a girl!" Harry blurted out. I didn't really want them to know yet. I was staring at my phone hoping Mandy would text.
"Ooooh! You gave her your number. That's why you've been staring at your phone!!!" Zayn said.
"Niall's got a girlfriend! Niall's got a girlfriend!" Louis screamed.
Mandy's POV
Niall Horan actually gave me his number. Wow! I don't want to text him so soon. I don't want him to think I'm all fan girly..
"Did you have fun back there?" my aunt, Elise, asked.
"Yep." I replied.
"Well that is a short answer." she said concernly. I could tell she was concerned because I never shut up. Usaully I'm all talkative, telling everybody about what happened, but this time I was quiet. I was thinking. I couldn't get my mind off what happened. What Directioner could say they have ever almost kissed Niall Horan? Probably no one except me, and I kind of liked it that way.
"If some guy gave you his number would you text him right away? I asked her. I trust Aunt Elise. I told her everything. Well... Not everything exact;y, but close to it.
"Yeah, I would."
I texted him, and he told me to call him. He's lucky I just got home when he texted me, or he would of been waiting awhile for his phone call. I ran up to my bedroom and shut and locked the door.
"Hey!" I said.
"Hey." he replied,"Okay, so I know we just met and all, but I was wondering if you would.. Uhh... Move in with me?" he asked. I didn't know what to say. I mean, I was only 14. I guess you could say I got caught up in his words. Louis finally broke the silence.
"Hey, Niall. How's your girlfriend" Louis said. I heard three more voices chimed in. I could hear someone sigh. I assumed it was Niall.
"Are you okay?" I asked.
"No, he's not." someone said.
"I gotta go. Bye." Niall said, quietly. I hung up the phone and started writing in my journal.
Day 1: Cherish the moments you live for.
I started to close my book when my phone started ringing.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Come outside." I heard two British accents say.
"Uhh... Okay?"
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