The Labyrinth

*Greece* is on the verge of collapsing.

*Rome* is thriving from won battles.

The difference between these two countries couldn't have been more obvious.

Each leap-year 24 children are taken to a maze, The Labyrinth to be exact. 12 from Greece, 12 from Rome.

A creature lives in The Labyrinth and feeds on the children. With out this four year sacrifice, the creature named Minotaur, would destroy Rome _and_ Greece.

No one has made it out alive.



2. Hali Accabus:The Choosing

As I walked up to the town, my stomach flipped around. No one in my family has ever been chosen to be prey for Minotaur. That means that I have a greater chance of being chosen.

 'Its only twelve out of thousands, I wont be chosen.' I kept telling myself over and over. Just then, a large guy at least twice my size and weight stood next to me. He looked down at me. His brown eyes seemed to scan the crowd of boys and men, as if he were looking for someone...or something.

I closed my eyes as Charelise, Greece's most beautiful woman was standing in front of the two groups of men and woman, soon sending guards to choose the Greeks to be Minotaur's food. They say she was mistaken for a goddess. The only thing that protects her is her beauty. She would have been dead by now. The guy frowned and mouthed something to someone in the group of girls. I saw a girl that looked very similiar to him nodd her head, obviously very frightened. The girl was stunning, in such a way. Amazing golden hair that draped over her shoulders. Hazel eyes that were large and frantic. She was shoved in the back by a large guard.

"Balta!" she cried as she was kicked to the ground, she was gruffly picked up by the same guard yanked up and dragged next to Charelise for everyone to see.

"Excellent!" Charelise said amazed, she grasped the girls arm and thrust it in the air, "What is your name?" she asked.

"Silene...Andreas." she said through gritted teeth.

"Silene!" the guy next to me shouted, he pushed through the crowd and stood next to Charelise and Silene.

"She can't go." he whispered to Charelise. "You may not replace her, but you are welcome to accompany her." Charelise's voice was happy and preppy.

"No Balta." Silene begged shaking loose Charelise's arm from her wrist. Tears started to stream down her face, "Stay here, alright?" she asked burying her face in his chest. They stayed that way for a while.

"Another!" a guard cried bringing forth another girl. She was much older than Silene. She had a pointed nose and spotted freckles down her cheeks. Instead of putting up a fight, and drawing attention, she walked up slowly next to Silene. She gave her a doubtful more like a smirk.

"Name?" Charelise asked

"Calypso Dia." the girl said nice and loud.

Next, four other girls came, Dehlia, Reid, Mahir, and Lilliana. Then four men/boys, Diaz, Mellro, Silvian.  This made a total of six girls and four boys.

Two more.

That's all.  I thought.

Some guards stepped around me, but I kept my eyes glued to Silene who had her head in her hands.

I felt someone tug at my arm, I snapped it away immediately without turning around.

Charelise's voice rose above all of the murmuring, "That one!" she said eagerly pointing to a small boy in the front row.

"NO!" he screamed as a guard lifted him off the ground, a man from the back cried out.

"Not my son!" he cried pushing his way up to Charelise, he hugged his son.  They were soon ripped apart by Charelise.

"What's your name?" she asked sweetly

"Vember." he said

"Vember!" Charelise shouted as if it were a victory, slow claps through out the audience were exchanged.

"One more to go," she laughed as if she enjoyed her job of plotting young people's death.

I prayed that I wouldn't get chosen.

The guards scanned the crowd walking back and forth.  I was almost certain that I wouldn't get picked.  There were hundreds of other men and boys.  A short muscular guard stopped next to my row and walked in between us.  I stood up as straight as I was able.  I was sized up by the guard.

"What about this one?" he asked pointing to me, sighs of relief passed through the crowd.

"Good enough." Charelise sighed, I closed my eyes.

The guard led me to the front next to Vember.  He looked up at me with sorry eyes.

"I have to go home." he muttered under his breath as Charelise recapped our names.

"And our newest, what is your name?" she asked me

"I am Hali Accabus." I said pushing the tears down my throat, other stiffening claps went around the audience.


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