The Labyrinth

*Greece* is on the verge of collapsing.

*Rome* is thriving from won battles.

The difference between these two countries couldn't have been more obvious.

Each leap-year 24 children are taken to a maze, The Labyrinth to be exact. 12 from Greece, 12 from Rome.

A creature lives in The Labyrinth and feeds on the children. With out this four year sacrifice, the creature named Minotaur, would destroy Rome _and_ Greece.

No one has made it out alive.



1. Silene Andreas: For Greece

"Sel," a voice purred into my ear, I scratched it away with the back of my hand. "Seline, wake up."

I fluttered open my eyes, I found myself starring into my big brothers large brown eyes. I hid my face under the thick blanket that Arachne had made.

"Balta!" I groaned as he retrieved me from under the covers. His warm brown eyes and soft smile brought me back to reality.

"It's today." I gasped sitting up right away.

"Yah, you better get ready." he stood up and walked over to the mantel. He rested his arm next to the drawn picture of me. I looked older than I should have in the sketch. Large doughy eyes, a slender face with a slightly pointed chin. Balta nodded and pointed to the picture.

"You look so beautiful." he grinned, an impish grin that looked almost identical to the smile I wore on the sketch.

I slipped out of bed and dug out a white short dress with sandals that strapped around my feet.

The dress draped over my left shoulder and strung down my chest going to a tie that laced around my waist. It was doubtful that I would be chosen, after loosing my older sister Celia, I hoped that Charelise would spare our family. I was more scared for Balta than I was for myself. If either of us were chosen to be fed to Minotaur, we would be dead within minutes, no one from Greece or Rome has ever survived.

Balta looked _very_ handsome, he wore a white toga; showing off his muscular arms. His blond hair swept across his forehead.

"For Greece?" he asked smiling and pointing to the door out leading out to the city.

"For Greece."
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