The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


13. Why?


Harry's POV~ We headed up to her room to start packing. "Your suitcase is by your door!" Her mom yelled from downstairs, there was a silver Samsonite by her door. She dragged it in and started gathering all of her stuff. I sat on her bed eating Maoams. (lol Finn&Jack) She practically took everything out of her drawers. "Throw me one." She said, as her mouth stayed open. I laughed and unwrapped one. I tossed it and it bounced off her nose. She laughed and rolled her eyes, "You suck!" I laughed and she took the bag of Maoams. "Open your mouth." I opened it. She unwrapped one and tossed it, it landed right on my tounge. "YESSS!" She said doing a victory dance. I laughed, "Let me try again." I took the Maoams and unwrapped about five, her eyes were shut, so she couldn't see. I took the five and threw them directly at her face. She gasped and came up to attack me, "Jerk!" She said taking the Maoams and pouring the whole bag on my face. I laughed and sat her on my lap. We kissed passionately with Maoams scattered around us. When we seperated, she traced the outline of my nose with hers. It was so perfect. I smiled and leaned it. But before we could carry on, there was a knock at the door. We turned to see Alice holding her mug. "As much as I'm disgusted by you two, you're so adorable." She said handing us the mug, "You left this downstairs." Tiana got off me and continued to pack. Alice helped. I gathered up the still-wrapped Maoams and continued to eat them. "You know Harry, Alice isn't even a fan." Tiana said, looking over at me, "So?" I said laughing. "She hates you guys." My jaw dropped, "How could you?!" Alice laughed, "Hey, blame the cousins! They totally ruined you guys for us." They continued folding. I lay on her bed on my phone. Alice gasped, catching our attention. She was holding up a black lace thong. Tiana's jaw dropped, she turned red as a tomato. "You two should be having fun this vacation." Alice said. Tiana tried to take them from her, but she threw them. They landed on the bed beside me. I took them and held them up, "These are tiny." Tiana came up and took them from me, "You two are jerks." I bit my lip, "Can't wait to get them off you." Her jaw dropped at me, Alice was literally dying of laughter on the floor. I raised my hands in surrender, "You're the one who's gonna be wearing them." She turned back to her luggage and threw them in.  'I think @Tiana_Cameli_x smells like doodoo.' I tweeted from my phone. Her phone buzzed, meaning she gets notifications too. She shook her head and started typing. Soon my phone buzzed. ' Well that sucks, I was about to go hug and kiss and tell @HarryStyles I love him more than the world but I smell like doodoo so I can't' She tweeted. I glared at her. She smiled back. "I love you." I said to her. She ignored me. Alice's mouth practically dropped to the floor, "HE JUST SAID HE LOVES YOU AND YOU IGNORE HIM?!" We laughed, but then Tiana realized I had been laughing too, and stopped. Was she really upset? She zipped up her bag and walked right out the door. Alice & I eyeballed each other. Alice ran out the door and followed her. I stay put on her bed, what did I just do?  ~~~~ It was 8:40 in the evening and Tiana was still ignoring me. I even talked to her parents about it. She was watching 500 Days Of Summer alone on the couch. I just stood on the stairs, craving to be holding her. I decided to come sit next to her, she was in the middle, I was on the end of the couch. Letting her have some space. "Are you really mad at me?" I asked. She ignored me. I glanced at the clock, 8:54, damn it, I had to be home at 9. I sighed and got up. All of this is just killing me. I grabbed my coat and bags and opened the door, "Does this mean you're not going with us tomorrow?"  Tiana's POV~ He had been bugging me all day. I just looked at him, we stared for a few long seconds. I saw a tear fall down his cheek, it hurt me so much. Wiping it away, he shook his head and slammed the door shut. I hugged the throw pillow and just cried into it.  ~~~~ I woke up, still on the couch. My nose still felt stuffed and my eyes were still watery. My cheeks felt like hot lava and the throw pillow was stained with my mascara. There was a bang on the door. I just felt my heart drop to my stomach again and began crying into the pillow. I heard someone rush down the stairs. "You gonna get that?" Alice said. I got up and glared at her. Tears still falling, I headed to the door. "Or.. You know-- Tiana- I can.." She mumbled and I slowly opened the door. Crystal came spinning into the room, full of joy, excitement, and rainbows. "Woohoo! The flight leaves in three hours! Aren't you excited?! I am! Oh gosh!" She yelled and stopped in front of me. Her jaw dropped once she saw what a wreck I was. "What happened?" She asked. My heart sank again. I threw myself on the couch and began crying.  Crystal's POV~ Tiana was a huge mess. My phone rang, Mike. "Hello?"  Harry is a mess. He won't get up off the couch, won't stop crying, won't stop watching 500 Days of Summer. The boys and mates are all here, we're just waiting for him, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM BABE? "Geez it's happening with Tiana too okay? She's literally dying on the couch and she won't get go of this throw pillow and the mug."  We have to do something about this. "But what?" Tiana's POV~ I was still crying on the couch. I felt Crystal pull me up. I stared at her. "You need to get fixed up." I just wanted to lay in a cave and die. She slouched, "You're such a mess," coming in for a hug, "I'm so sorry." She rubbed my back and pulled away quickly, pulling me out the door and onto the sidewalk. I looked like a zombie, and she decided to take me outside. She dragged me down the sidewalk. We stopped in front of Mike's house. "What are we doing here?" I asked, my voice worn out and cracky. "Getting air." She responded quickly. I saw the boys and Mike drag out Harry through my water eyes. "Harry you need to go!" Niall yelled, Harry broke free from them, " WHY? SO I CAN JUST MAKE HER FEEL BAD AGAIN? BREAK HER HEART AGAIN? DON'T YOU THINK SHE'S FUCKING HAD ENOUGH?!" He yelled through tears. My heart rose up to my throat. I broke down in tears again and just cried on the floor. Mike, Niall, and Zayn went back inside, whilst the others came to comfort me. I felt like shit. "It's okay." Crystal said sitting by me & rubbing my back. "No it's not." I said, sucking up the rest of my tears, "If I wasn't so damn over dramatic, he wouldn't be like this. It's all my fault." Liam shook his head, "Harry is being way more over dramatic than anyone right now. He just needs to let it go." I placed my hands on my forehead, "He would let it go." They seemed confused. "He would have let it go, if I had too." I said shaking my head, "It  is my fault. "It's no one's fault, we all make mistakes. Drop the faulting." Crystal said. Which would be true, but not for me at the moment. I knew it was my fault, "Do you guys even know what happened?" I looked up at them. Liam & Louis stay still. Crystal nodded her head, "Alice told me." I nodded my head slightly, "This really is my fault." Crystal couldn't say anything. Because she knew I was right. Mike walked out of the house, looking frustrated. We waddled over to us and sat on the ground. His hand brushing through his hair, "He's got his earphones on now and won't talk to anyone. How are we gonna do this? We might even miss the flight." Crystal comforted him, "Babe the flight's in two hours, calm down." Should I talk to him? I just sat still, staring at the ground. It was a few long seconds of thinking before Niall and Zayn walked out. "He really won't cooperate." Niall said, sitting by me. "And plus he's listening to one of our songs. Which is strange because he hates listening to himself." Zayn added. We all stayed quiet for about a minute. Louis' head suddenly stuck up, "What song?!" "Heart Attack." Niall replied, confused. "How does that one go?" I asked, barging into the conversation. "Though you would be the one's that's.." "OW!" Niall yelled, "Giving me a heart attack, looking like you do-ooh-ooh." Crystal shook her head, "That's not even relevant, how does the beginning go?" Niall's face became confused, "Harry sings that part, I don't know it, what about you Lou?" Without hesitation, Louis began singing, "Baby you got me sick, I don't know what I did. Need to take a break and figure it out.." Liam & Zayn's faces lit up, "Got your voice in my head, saying let's just be friends," Liam sang. "Can't believe those words came out of your mouth," Niall sang afterwards. "I'm tryna be okay.. I'm tryna be alright." They all sang in sync. It all made sense now, "Is that how he feels?" I asked. My heart just kept hurting. Louis shrugged, "Probably." 
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