The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


17. WhoooWeeeee.

Tiana's POV~
The wonderful Danielle Peazer walked into the room. Liam greeted her with a hug and kiss. Everyone else's faces lit up. Was I the only one missing something here? "Wait.. I thought you and Danielle broke up?" I said, confused. Danielle smiled at me, then ruffled her eyebrows.
"Why you look awefully familiar?" She said coming up to me, "Oh! I'm uh, Harry's girlfriend.." I said glancing at him, "So... You're Liam's?" I asked her, she smiled, "Yeah, nice to meet you." 
We carried on with everything else, Harry nor I wanted to do anything, we sat still as everyone else around us spoke. There was a few seconds of awkward silence, without us even realizing it. I saw Eleanor and Crystal whispering to each other in the corner of my eye. Perrie sighed loudly, "You really can't do this can you?" I looked up at Harry and quickly glanced at the others. I stayed still. "Go." Mike said, I smiled, "Where? This is my hotel room isn't it?" Crystal shook her head, "You're so dumb he meant--" "I know what he meant." "Then do it!" Liam said. I shook my head, "No you guys just want me to lose!" Niall laughed, "You guys look like you're dying without each other." I shook my head and walked into the bathroom. I quickly did my business and as I got out, Harry was missing too. I sat on the bed, since the circle on the floor broke and everyone scattered around our room. The guys being.. Guys. And girls being.. Girls? No different, just Harry was gone, and I felt really empty. After a moment, I felt an arm wrap around my waist, I turned my head to the right, to see Harry," God I've missed you." I smiled at him as our eyes met and our noses touched. Someone cleared their throat, we turned to see Louis and Mike eyeing us, "You lose!" Harry snarled at them, "Shut up." He said pulling me up and bringing me into the restroom. The girls' jaws dropped. I didn't understand. "Use protection, Styles!" Liam yelled as Harry shut the door. He pushed me against the wall, kissing me softly and roughly at the same time. I cooperated, feeling him smile through the kisses. His hands caressed my body and my fingers traveled through his lucious curls. One of his hands slowly slipped up my shirt. I didn't hesitate, it really didn't matter, we both knew this was gonna happen this week, so why not enjoy it now? I smiled, he lifted me onto the sink. My shirt was soon off, his huge hands went to the back of my bra, he pulled it off so elegantly, just pinched and pulled, soon enough it was off. He began caressing my breasts and leaned towards my ear, nibbling and kissing, "You're beautiful." He kept rubbing, I let out a loud breath. I grabbed his shirt, and soon enough it was off. I kneeled down to his belted pants, he quickly took the belt off and threw it on the floor. It unveiled his massive dick, hard and ready. I pulled down his boxers and kissed the tip. My hand rubbed up and down simultainiously. I gave the head a little lick before putting the whole thing in my mouth. Sliding up and down quickly and licking the top as I went along. I kissed the tip before releasing it. He grabbed my head and started thrusting me towards him. I cooperated as he moaned and groaned, "Fuckkkkk..." He said right before he slowly came in my mouth. It was warm as it entered and I quickly swallowed it. He pulled me up to kiss me, "God you are so good," He said smirking at me as his hands slowly slid my pajamas off. We began kissing roughly again before my pants were off and all I had been standing in was my underwear. He smirked, "You're wearing them." Yes I was, the black thong we had fought over. "Too bad they have to go." He said as he quickly slipped them off. He smirked as he parted my legs open, opened up the condom, and slowly slid it on. "Are you ready?" He asked. I bit my lip and nodded, "This is my first time, just so you know." He looked up at me, "Do you want me to be gentle?" I quickly shook my head, "Go with whatever you think fits." He slid it in. Thrusting in and out of me, like he did earlier. It felt so good, I couldn't help but let so many moans out. I sat up and wrapped my arms around his neck, this position made him hit a spot you would have never thought was there, I groaned loudly as my nails clawed his back. He just kept going faster and faster, making me scream louder and louder. He pulled out, making sure the condom didn't break. I breathed hardly on his neck as he set me on the counter. "You are honestly so amazing," He whispered in my ear. I smiled, "I'm left speechless for what you've done." He kissed me one more time before handing me a towel. I picked up the clothes and set them in the hamper before wrapping the towel around me. He smirked at me one more time, and opened up the door. Everyone's eyes were on us, Crystal's eyebrow raised, and she made a barfing face at me. I scrunched my nose up at her. "You guys were loud enough to wake up the whole damn city, and YOUR HAIR." Louis said with a disgusted look on his face. Harry snarled at him, "Shut up, you and Eleanor were the exact same." El's mouth dropped. Perrie, Danielle, and Crystal were laughing their asses off. "Don't deny the facts, Elou." Niall said wrapping his arms around Lou and El. Harry turned around, I hadn't realized that I scratched him so hard. My jaw dropped and I turned around to see everyone else frozen and shocked. "Looks like you guys had a little too much fun," Danielle said getting settled on the couch with Liam.

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