The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


19. What's Going On?


Harry's POV~
When we got to Justin's house, Tiana looked like she was ready to scream. I wrapped my arms around her waist, "Calm down." She shook herself calm as someone opened up the door, I looked over to see Kenny. "Wassup bro!" Most of us greeted him as we walked in to see Justin. Tiana quickly seperated from me and got lost speaking to Justin. I sat with the others and joined their conversation. 
Lou nudged me, "You okay?" I looked up at him, "Why wouldn't I be?" He directed over to Justin and Tiana, He was rubbing her leg. I blinked a few times and looked back at Lou. He stared at me, but I didn't respond. I felt like a frog was stuck in my throat. Jealousy took over me faster than you'd think, I was resisting to urge to scream. I didn't even know what I was feeling. I sat quiet, thinking. I saw Lou look over at me every now and then. I just couldn't hold it anymore, "I'm going to the restroom." I whispered in Lou's ear. He nodded. I walked over to the restroom and found a peice of paper and pen, ' Don't come looking for me, and I hope you're happy Tiana, I hope you're really happy. x' I scribbled onto the paper as I set it on the counter. I quietly snuck out of the back door, and out I was, in the busy city streets, alone, hurt, lost.
Lou's POV~
I walked to the restroom to check out Harry, it had been a while since he left. To my surprise, it was empty, there was a note on the sink counter. I dropped it as soon as I read recognized the writing. Harry's gone. I pulled Paul off to the side, "Harry just fucking left and he's fucking lost, oh my fucking god. Paul he doesn't know this place! This is horrendous!" I said softly for only him to head. He grabbed me, "Wait what?!" My face fell in my hands, this was all devistating. I grabbed the note and handed it to him, "I'll go find him, don't tell anyone!" He said as he quickly ran off. Of course I was gonna tell people.
Tiana's POV~
Justin and I laughed as his hand travelled my leg. It was really uncomfortable knowing it wasn't Harry. Louis pulled me off to the side and whispered in my ear. My jaw dropped. "NO." I blinked a couple times before tears started falling. "No! Louis you're fucking kidding me!" Everyone stared at us. Louis shook his head. I started out the door, I felt someone pull me back in. "We can't let this happen to you too, Tiana." Louis said as I struggled to break free. "But this is all MY fault! I.. I.." I stuttered at I broke down on the floor. "Calm down.." Eleanor said as she rubbed my leg. I stood back up, "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CALM DOWN?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! HE'S GONE AND YOU'RE TELLING ME TO CALM DOWN?!" I yelled in their faces and I threw the vase on the floor. It shattered, I felt a horrible pain in my leg. Their jaws dropped as they looked down. I looked down to see multiple shards of glass stuck in my skin, they even ripped through my jeans. I broke down on the floor, punching the glass making my arms and hands bleed more. Soon enough, I passed out.
Justin's POV~
They rushed her into the ambulance. "Wait, what's going on here?" I asked, Niall looked back and shook his head, "You made a bad, bad move, lad." My eyes widened, "What did I even do?!" "That's Harry's girlfriend you were touching up." Zayn said as he sat and rubbed his forehead. My jaw dropped, "No it wasn't! I thought you just brought her over? I thought she was a fan? A friend?!" They shook their heads. Was this really my fault? Harry's POV~ My hand was bleeding and scratched up, my beanie stolen by fans, someone spilled a drink on my shirt, I just felt like complete shit. And these paps following me around was no help. "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" I heard Paul yell. I turned around to see him pushing through the crowd. I stood there with no emotion, even though I was so happy to find him. "Are you dumb?!" He yelled as he got to me, "You could have gotten yourself killed! Let's go." He said as I quietly trailed behind him. I did what he said, I knew if I tried to do something dumb, it would all be a waste, so I didn't even think about it. We arrived back at Justin's house. The lot was empty. We got out and walked back into the house.  Only Justin, Alfredo, and Kenny were there. Where was everyone? The room was nice and tidy, like they just cleaned up. "Where is everyone?" Paul asked Justin. Justin couldn't even look at me. Paul took Justin by the arm and brought him into the kitchen. It was a long silence until we heard someone, "I DIDN'T KNOW MAN!" It was Justin. They exited as Paul gestured for me to go with him. "What's going on?" I asked Paul as we got into the van. "Nothing. Don't stress about it." Of course I was gonna stress about it now that he's telling me not to. Was someone hurt? Is this my fault? But the one question that wouldn't leave my head was,  Is it Tiana? 
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