The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


16. Unexpected Guests.

Author's note: this is where it gets somewhat graphic, don't tell me i didn't warn you. ~~~

Harry's POV~
It was about midnight when we got to LAX. The airport was swarming with fans so we had to exit through the back.
When we arrived at the hotel, thankfully no fans, Tiana was literally falling asleep on my back. Crystal & Mike dragged our stuff up, and I held her on my back. Tiana and I had to share the hotel room, with Louis and Eleanor, how wonderful. It was good that they went out to get fast food before coming in, so we had a little time. I lightly dropped her onto the bed before getting ready to sleep. "Harryyyy." She groaned. I couldn't help but smirk. Dirty thoughts filled my mind. "Yes darling?" "Come sleep with me." Even more dirty thoughts filled my mind. "You have that damn look on your face. Come on," She said laughing and falling back. I slept in my boxers so I slipped my jeans off.
I cuddled underneath the bedsheets and behind her, laying my head on her shoulder. "You're one horny bastard." I backed away from her, "What? How?" She turned around and smirked at me, "Don't act like I didn't see your face earlier." I laughed, and pulled her closer to me. She pecked my jaw. I came closer to her and started from her nose, slowly trailing down to her lips. I was literally hovering her. My elbows and forearms supporting my weight. She cooperated with me and wrapped her arms around my neck as we kissed passionately, her lips tasted like sour skittles, which was absolutely adorable. She quickly seperated and flipped us over. She was now sitting on me. Her hands elegantly went to the end of my white shirt, she pulled it upwards, revealing my stomach. Her jaw practically fell when she saw.
Tiana's POV~
I lifted his shirt to see a glorious six pack. I paused for a second to regain myself. He helped me take it off him and we proceeded to finish off where we started. Making sure not to go so fast, keeping a good pace as to what I'm doing, I wasn't going to do anything tonight, just some teasing and foreplay would do just right. I leaned down and began kissing him again, my body began grinding against his lower stomach and v-line. I seperated and slowly began trailing down his abs, they were all perfectly lined up, I slowly pecked down each row, and as I got down to his v-line, licking it was. I looked up to see his eyes on me, watching my every move. His back arched just a little before I got back on him. Whilst grinding, I felt something harden underneath me. I stopped and looked up at Harry, his head was back, and jerked back up in a second, he wS lightly blushing. I smirked and bit my lip, "Naughty, naughty boy." He sat up and pulled me to him. He kissed me roughly and passionately. "I want you so bad right now." He mumbled into me ear as he caressed my waist and bottom. He began kissing my neck as his hands went around and between my thighs. I moaned a few times as he licked and sucked onto the sides of my neck.
"BUT BABY YOOOU! GOT ME MOVING TO FAST!" Someone sang loudly, "AND IIIIII KNOW YOU WANNT BE BAD," Another voice yelled, I pulled the sheets over us in the dark, "GIRRRRL! WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING LIKE THAT!" A couple voices sang in sync. I already knew. The boys. "DA DA DA DA DA!" Niall yelled, "I CAN'T HOLD BACK!" They screamed again in sync as the lights flickered on. My hands were on my face, Harry was practically praying for them to leave. "Myyy! Someone's been naughty." Louis said as they pulled the sheets off of us, I was now sitting on the bed, crisscrossed, and Harry was holding his shirt in his face. "Did you forget we're sharing rooms?" Lou added, I glared at him. I scanned the room, the whole gang was here, in their pajamas, so I was all good. Figures that all the guys sleep in their t-shirts and boxers, and all the girls were mix-matched. "We got In-N-Out." Liam said waving over from the couch. I pulled Harry's shirt off of his face, He was so red. "Lad! Are you okay?" Niall said with worry, "Yeah, perfectly fine, interupting me while I'm in heaven, Yeah. Thanks." He said crawling over next to them. I snuggled up next to him. They handed us both a burger and chips, or fries as I would say with my American accent. "Can't you two stay away from each other for a minute?" Zayn said with his mouth stuffed. "Psh, yeah." I said, doubting it myself. "Really? Prove it." Mike said, "Yeah, Why don't you go sit by El and Lou until we finish this little get together," Crystal added. Harry glanced at me, his face said no, but I wanted to prove them all wrong. I stood up, grabbed my food, and sat right inbetween the two. I kept glancing at Harry, who seemed to be distracted by his thumbs. He looked up quickly and I turned my head to join the conversation. Nothing was working. I didn't even want to touch my burger without Harry. I just stared at Harry, no one seemed to notice. "You look like you're dying." Perrie said throwing a fry at me. Everyone's attention came to me. I widened my eyes, "What?" "You can't do this can you?" Crystal said eyeing me. I just looked down. They looked over at Harry, "And how are you doing Mr. Styles? Missing Mrs. Styles any bit?" His eyes traveled the room. They began to shift attention evenly. Louis played with my hair, "Oh my gosh girl, so like you and Harr-ay are like SOOO hot, I mean like together. AHAHA, oh wait, you're not together!" He said in the worst valley girl accent I had ever heard. They were teasing me. "Yeah Harry, you two are so cute together, Wow if only you were together! Oh geez don't you wish you were holding her right now? Nestling her? Maybe even doing some foreplay right now! Wow Harry, Hmmm, Perrie maybe you should come over here and sit on my lap, because you CAN do that." Zayn said, teasing him so much more. Harry's bottom lip was trembling. There was a knock at the door. "Open up!" Paul yelled through.
Liam ran over to open it, "Oh my god!" He yelled as a tall beautiful girl came into the room, was it really her? ....

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