The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


18. Twitcam.


Louis's POV~
We walked in to see Harry and Tiana snuggled up by each other under the sheets. I dropped my towel & threw a pillow at them. "Leave them alone!" Eleanor said softly as she jerked my hand down. "Do you not realize they're sleeping?" I shook my head, "No they're not." She eyed me, I raised my hands up to surrender. We laughed as we headed into the restroom to take a bath.
Harry's POV~ 
I woke up at aroud 5:30 PM, Tiana was still sound asleep underneath my arm. I stroked her hair with a finger. Her eyes slowly fluttered open as she smiled at me. I smiled back and kissed her. "Look who's finally up!" Louis said, throwing a pillow at us. "Stop it!" El yelled at him. We laughed as we got up, thankfully, we put our new clothes on before falling asleep. "Ew you are so disgusting," Louis said as he took a sip of his tea. I yawned, "How?" "You didn't even bathe." He said making a barf face, El shoved him. "We showered, not bathed." I replied taking a mug down from the shelf. "There's a tub in there too." El said as she turned to me. "No there's not," I said, giving them a confused face. "Yeah, it's in the seperate room to the right." I ruffled my eyebrows, "Really?" They nodded. "Tiana, do you want some cocoa or tea?" "Coffee." She groaned as she sat by Louis. "There's no coffee here." I said, looking through the cupboard. "Oh yeah, Niall took it earlier." I shook my head, "Is there anything else you want?" "I'll take the cocoa." She smiled, I smiled back. I quickly made the packet and headed over next to them. "How was it?" Louis said eyeing us and raising his eyebrow. El was burrowing her face into his arm as she laughed. "It was freaking wonderful." I responded, and he laughed loudly. Tiana placed her head on my arm, "I'm so bored, let's do something." "We're going up to Hollywood at eight to meet up with Justin," Louis said as Tiana shot up, "Wait. Bieber?" Lou smiled, "Yeah." Tiana jumped in excitement, "Oh my godddd!" She slumped back down, "What are we supposed to do for three hours." I shrugged, "Liam seems to spend quite a while on twitcam, why don't we try it out?" She smiled and hopped over to the bed, "Get your laptop!" "We're gonna go stroll around downstairs." Louis said as he & El walked out of the room hand-in-hand. We quickly logged onto twitcam, opening it up on my account. As soon as the camera turned on there were about 200 people on. I smiled, "Haaai." Tiana's POV~ I laughed as I lay on my stomach scrolling through the comments. Harry pointed at one, "Do you prefer to be on the top or bottom?" I read outloud, laughing my ass off afterwards. "Top," Harry responded, "I feel like I have more control if I'm on top." I started laughing even more, "You need to shut up." "How about you guys ask both of us questions?" Harry said staring down at the comments. "Why does Tiana have an American accent?" I read outloud, "Because I was born in Chicago, but my family moved to Holmes Chapel a couple years ago, and little did I know that Harry damn Styles lived down the street." I said, sming at the camera. I pointed to another one, "Ooh! Answer this one Harry!" He ruffled his eyebrows, "No, how about you read the one under it?" "On a scale of 1-10 how good is your 'special time'?" I read aloud, without even realizing what it said. My jaw dropped, Harry smirked, "Probably 11." I began laughing again.  We read and answered multiple questions, just had a good time. At around 7:30 Lou & El came back, holding drinks and snacks. "Ooh La La! Is that Starbucks?!" I yelled getting up and taking the Carmel Macchiato from El's hands. She glared at me. "Bye!" Harry yelled to the laptop screen, as he slowly shut it. "Is it time to get headed yet?" Harry said as he got up and flipped his hair. There was an awkward silence while Louis & Eleanor stared at me, "That was SO hot." Louis said in a girly voice, "If you haven't realized, I'm speaking for you." My jaw dropped, "Shut up!" I nudged him. "But yeah. Paul says get ready." Lou said as he sat himself on the couch, Eleanor waddled along next to him. I sat and dug through my luggage, I pulled out black jeans, "Is it cold out there?" I asked El, she nodded, keeping her eyes on the TV. I grabbed a plain white off the shoulder sweater, and walked into the bathroom. I waved my hair and when I finally walked out, the whole gang was in our room. "You're finally done!" Niall yelled. I laughed, "Oops." Everyone headed out the room and i quickly grabbed my sneakers. Harry was waiting for me at the door, my hand slid past his and quickly grabbed it, I ran towards the group, "Wait for us!"  ~~~~
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