The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


15. The Night.


Crystal's POV~ In the car ride, Tiana & Harry fell asleep in each others arms. They didn't even have time to get ready, they just left the way the were. They both looked like a mess. "It's so nice to see them together." I said over to Mike as I cuddled up to him. He kissed my cheek, "Isn't it? I'm glad they're happy again." We watched the background and the huge planes above us. ~~~~  Harry's POV~ Someone shook us, "Get up ya fucking lovebirds!" Obviously Niall. I blinked a couple times to wake myself up, and looked down on my chest to see Tiana already awake, on her phone. She smiled at me, "Morning sleepyhead." I kissed her forehead, "Morning beautiful." "It's already noon." Crystal yelled from the back, "Get out and help!" Mike yelled along with her. Tiana got up and out of the car, I trailed behind her, "Calm down, the flight's at a quarter 'til one. We've got time." "Doesn't matter. We still have to check in, better to be safe than sorry." Louis said, pulling some bags down. I handed  Tiana her luggage and pulled mine down. "Let's go!" Liam yelled as Paul shut the van door and started walking with us, "Harry. You know the dangers of paparazzi. Keep close." He said, Tiana nestled herself into my chest as we dragged our luggage. "How do they even know we're here?" I asked Eleanor as we walked into the crowds of cameras and screaming fans. "Have you even checked twitter and instagram?" Louis said, raising his eyebrow. I looked down at Tiana, she was smiling cheekily at me, "I may have uploaded just a few pictures." I shook my head. "Make that us too!" Liam said, laughing along with Niall, Zayn, and Perrie. "Did all of you upload pictures?" I asked pulling my phone out. I clicked the home button to see me holding tiana in my arms. Tiana showed me her phone too. It was the exact same picture. "Tiana did the lock screen. Louis did the Home screen and your twitter profile picture." Crystal said laughing. I slid the lock to see the same picture but me flipping them off added to it. I shook my head, "You guys are such dorks." Soon enough we were out of the crowds and at the check in stand. Niall stood on some benches, "YOU ALL NEED TO CALM DOWN!" He yelled as the crowds hushed. Liam joined him, "If you were calm enough earlier, we could have stopped to say hello!" They crowds became calm and they stepped off the benches for some pictures and autographs.  Tiana's POV~ Crystal motioned for us to come. I tugged Harry's shirt, "C'mon." "C'mon and dance with me baby." Harry sang as he wrapped his arm around my waist. Liam and Louis began doing the 'Push & Pull aka Cmon Cmon' dance as the crowds went crazy. Harry stopped before proceeding to the airport gates. Everyone, literally everyone stopped to stare at us. "What?" I asked, laughing nervously, trying to be quiet, but I couldn't when your boyfriend practically mutes the noise in the airport to speak. He smiled at me. "I love you." He said loud enough for the entire crowds to hear. "I love you, too." I replied. He leaned in and kissed me, I obviously kissed back.  'Awwww' and 'Ewwww' and cries poured over the crowd. We seperated and stared into each other's eyes as our noses touched. "The plane isn't gonna wait for you two." Louis said impatiently. "Shut up, you and Eleanor were exactly like that in the beginning," Niall nagged back, "You know what you guys  still are like that." I shook my head. Harry waved bye and blew a sly kiss to the crowd as he exited.  ~~~~ Right when I got onto the plane, I fell asleep. I really didn't get any sleep last night. I woke up to 500 Days of Summer playing on the screens. Bad and good memories of last night flooded my head. Harry noticed I was awake and smiled. He pulled one of his earphones out and handed it to me. I lay my head on his shoulder. We sat quietly, watching the movie. Liam was on his laptop next to us. I hadn't noticed Harry's hand slowly moving around my thigh. I looked down, then back up to eye him. He smirked, but didn't take his focus off the movie.  Liam's POV~ 'If anything cheeky happens between Tarry, point the camera to them. ;)' I read, "Who's Tarry?" I mumbled into my laptop. 'Tiana and Harry' I read multiple times. I turned the camera to them, "You see now, Harry is trying to have sex with Tiana on the plane, but Tiana disagrees, so Harry just rubs her leg." I mumbled into my laptop, which I thought only Twitcam could hear, but instead, Tiana & Harry's Jaws dropped. Niall kicked my chair, Zayn's & Perrie's heads turned around in shock, and Paul even yelled to keep it PG. "And Harry and Tiana seem mad at me at the moment so I'm going to go jump off the wings." They shook their heads, "But I bet you it's gonna get nasty in the hotel." I whispered to my laptop. Niall kicked my chair, "Lad you better shut up before Karma gets you."  

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