The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


11. The Mug


Harry's POV~ 
I eyeballed Mrs. Cameli, Tiana's mom. She nodded, holding the specific mug to give to Tiana, "Here's your coffee, lovely." Tiana shook her head and yawned, "I'm okay." Her mom blinked several times, "Oh.. Well I guess I'll give it to Harry then." She widened her eyes at me and I took the mug. "You're British and you drink coffee, Tiana? Tsk, shame on you." "I'm not British. I have an American accent. I was born in Chicago. What is wrong with you." Tiana said, sitting dejectedly in a chair. I sat down next to her, Alice gave disgusted looks again. Her mom glanced at me. "You sure you don't want any coffee, babe?" I smiled at her.  She shook her head, "Not really in the mood." I instantly became worried, what am I supposed to do now? 
On the way walking her to school, I just kept bugging her and bugging her to take the coffee and drink it. We got to the entrance, "Drink it pleeeeeease?" I begged. "I already told you, I'm not really in the mood. What's with this coffee anyways?" Girls passed by us with shocked faces. "It's special. And would mean the whole world to me if you just drank it. Please." I begged just one last time. She finally took the mug, "Fine. Just for you." I smiled and gave her a peck, "Pick you up afterschool!" I said as she started walking away with Crystal. She took a sip of the coffee, what would she say? What if she leaves me? We'll just have to find out.
A familiar face caught my attention as I started walking out of the campus. "Grimmers!" I yelled. He turned to see me, "Oh my god!" He yelled back, "Guys! Look! He's talking to me! I'm gonna faint!!" We laughed, "What's up? Why are you here?" He asked. I smiled, "My girlfriend goes here." He nodded, "Really? What year?" "Year 11, why are  you here?" I raised my eyebrow, he pointed over to a group of cheerleaders. My jaw dropped, "Grimmy! You pedophile!" I pushed him, he laughed, "That's my neice and her friends, I had to drag her to school today." I nodded, finally understanding. We walked over to them. As we made part of their circle, it became quiet and eyecontact was made with everyone. Their jaws were halfway dropped. "This is Harry." Grimmy said introducing me. "We know." One of the girls said. "Uh.. Hi, aren't you dating Tiana?" I smiled, "Yeah." She nodded an stuck her hand out, "I'm Nicole, Nick's neice, and I have Tiana for first period." I smiled and shook it, "Nice to meet you, and tell her I say hi." She smiled, "Will do." Soon enough everyone broke out. ~~~  I went out to the mall with Grimmy. While we were out I bought some new beanies and tees, a navy blue lace dress for tiana, and a small studded clutch for her. "You must adore her." Grimmy said, looking shocked as I paid. "I mean, I do, she's my girlfriend isn't she?" He shrugged, "True, is it 'LOVE' yet?" He laughed, I shrugged back, "We're all just in for a surprise." I said smirking as the cashier handed me the bags.  ~~~~ Tiana's POV~ I wad bored as freaking hell in science. I just wanted to lay in Harry's lap right now. "A solid's atoms are tightly packed together, making it keep it's shape, and have definite volume and definite shape." The teacher said as I picked up the coffee in the mug and took a sip. "Harry Styles has a solid." A girl projected towards the class as she took down the notes. I looked up at her, jaw dropped. I also noticed everyone else was looking at me.  ~~~~ By the time Grimmers & I had finished strolling, it was time to pick the youngings up from school. "How old is she anyways?" Nick asked. "She's 17. Year 11, remember?" I smiled. We jumped as the bell rang. That thing was awfully loud. I really could wait for Her reaction. I kept scanning the crowds, still no sign of her. Grimmy's neice greeted us and skipped back to practice. A few girls even asked for some pictures. It was ten minutes after the bell rang, the lots were half full, but still no Tiana. I saw Crystal & Mike heading down the stairs, hand in hand. "Have you seen Tiana?" I asked. They just smirked at me and sat down next to Grimmy. I was confused. I turned around to see Tiana running down the stairs. She attacked me with a giant hug. I could see Mike and Crystal smiling. As we broke off she stared into my eyes and kissed me. I obviously kissed back, it was slow and passionate, such as the one we had this morning. She came in for another light hug. I could feel breath come out of her mouth near my ear.. "I...
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