The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


1. The Date

I was getting ready for my date, but not just any date, It had been my first blind date. My friend Crystal had set me up with her boyfriend’s old friend he usually keeps in touch with. We were gonna be double dating tonight. I reached down for my perfume, sighing, “Are you sure you don’t know his name?” i asked Crystal, who was on speaker on my iPhone. “Nope!” she exclaimed, “but chill out, Mike said he’s cute and really nice.” I gasped, “what if it’s a band member… But not just any band member, someone from One Direction?!” i yelled, trying to be happy. “Don’t get your hopes up.” She said. “but ya knoow, Mike is British.” i said, happily fixing my hair. I could feel her rolling her eyes. “oh shut up.” she said through a laugh. “you’re an asshole! stop peeing on my parade!” i yelled pushing a bobby pin through my hair. She laughed, “are you ready?” i nodded as if she could see me. “mmhmm!” i hummed through the bobby pins in my mouth. “good because i’m in my car in front of your house.” she said, not even hesitating. my eyes bulged as i hung up on her, rushing to finish fixing my hair, and sliding my shoes on, before i left my room, i checked myself in the mirror. white t-shirt, skinnies, black converse, casual hair. just a perfect casual first date look. nothing fancy. i rushed down the stairs, and wandered out the door. i hopped into her car. “you look pretty.” she said smiling at me. “ditto!” i said to her, she was wearing a black top, some dark faded jeans, and her red converse, but somehow, all of it came together perfectly. she smiled at me, that smile just completed everything. somewhat the reason that Crystal is one of the  people i wish i could be, her smile could make you smile any day. she backed out of the parking lot, “are you ready?” she asked. to be honest, not really. i gave a small breath, “sure.” i said, lying. she rolled her eyes at me, “c’mon, it’ll be fun, don’t worry.” she said as she pulled up next to Mike’s Porsche. they had matching fucking cars. yet ANOTHER reason to be jealous of her life, but it’s her life, not mine, let her be the happy one, not me, my life is actually fine the way it is now, just that Crystal made me look like a complete hobo compared to everything she had. i got out of the car, and headed into the fair with her, i scanned the fairgrounds, no sign of Mike. we paid for our wristbands as we passed the ticketbooth. i kept looking, still no one. “i can’t see anyone!” i yelled near Crystal’s ear, over the loud music. “Me either! Let’s go to the restroom to call them!” she yelled back, as we held each others’ hand running and pushing through crowds. Finally it was fine to speak at a normal level. As we kept pushing through crowds, someone had grabbed my arm, i tugged onto Crys to let her know, we turned to see Mike. I still hadn't seen his cousin. As Crys went up to Mike for a kiss & hug, i scanned around, looking for a Mike-Look-A-Like, or someone who looked like they would be hanging out with Mike, but still no one. Mike greeted me with a hug. i smiled, “so where’s your friend?” i asked, he smiled, “he actually left a second ago, someone had called him.” Mike said, i nodded, assuringly. “Let’s go sit down?” Crys suggested. We trailed through the small groups of people, finally finding an empty picnic table, next to some food trucks. i sat on one side of the table, as Crys & Mike sat on the other. Forever Alone moment much? i stared down at my fingers. “what’s taking him so long?”   Mike said, impatiently, i smiled and laughed, “let him take his time.” i said, “hey.. i never quite got his name?” i asked with curiousity. “Oh his name’s-” Mike said, before being interuppted. “Harry Styles.” a familiar voice said, i turned to see Harry Fucking Styles standing next to the goddamn table. My jaw dropped, i turned to Crys, her jaw dropped too, as she stared at him. Mike smiled, “Yeah, this is Harry,” he said as i shook Harry’s hand. I finally gained my self consience back. “Uh, come.. sit?” i said gesturing towards the empty spot next to me. He sat, fixing his hair. Crystal turned to me, then to Mike, then Harry, then back to Mike, “babe, i thought you were kidding when you said you knew One Direction?” she said confused. He smiled as he kissed her nose, “well i wasn’t.” he said smiling at her. she was still shocked. “So what’s your name?” Harry asked me, i smiled. “i’m Tiana.” i said as i placed my hand on my chin, facing him. “Well you’re absolutely gorgeous!” he said, smiling at his widest. it all reminded me of gifs and photos from tumblr, except all in real life now. I smiled at him, “don’t mind if i say so myself.” i said, still astonished by his dashing good looks. We had bought some funnel cake & cotton candy to share, but once we had finished eating, Harry&I and Carrie&Mike had made our seperate ways. “.. Erm, i don’t really like rides..” he said, shyly. i grinned, “oh gosh, same here!” i said as we both laughed. We had just wandered around the fairgrounds, and harry finally stopped by the set up arcades & game booths. he went straight up to the game where you toss the ball into the floating cups, and if you get the colored one, you win. he got a whole bucket of balls for us to share. i got one and it had made, just not in the colored ones. figures that you do actually win something if it’s white, the extra small prize. they handed it to me and i smiled slyly at harry. “at least it’s something.” i said laughing. we looked back into the bucket, nothing left. “augh, sorry.” he said pouting his lip at me. i laughed, brushing it off as i started to walk off, heading towards another game. i easily got distracted by the goldfish one. i turned around to point out the fish to harry, to my surprise, he was gone. i looked around, still no Harry. i turned back around and decided to wait. someone tapped my shoulder, and there. was Harry, holding the biggest teddy bear you could ever imagine. “this is for you.” he said with the cheekiest smile. i swear it was probably 3/4 my size. i gasped as he handed it to me. “but.. how?!” i said with a surprised smile. “the ball toss. i had an extra ball in my pocket, you know.” i clapped as i went up to hug him. “ah you’re amazing!” i said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. he smiled, and i felt myself blushing. we held hands through the booths, stopping and pointing at a few really cool prizes. there was a game called “Clinko”, it had bars and a chip that you dropped in at the top, seeing which box it would fall into. Harry dragged me over there, me refusing because he had already spent so much on us. “come on! you’ve used a lot of money tonight. and we have like four teddies. it’s okay harry!” i said still refusing as he paid for two chips, rolling his eyes at me. “it’ll be fun don’t worry about the money Jasmine, you realize i’m in the world’s biggest boyband.” he said looking at me blankly. “but still-” i said before he interuppted me with a kiss. the very first. it was slow and passionate, i wrapped my arms around his neck, and he held my waist. as we pulled away smiling, he gently kissed my nose one more time, “shut up, Tiana. okay?” he said laughing as he pulled me along with him up the stairs to the top of the board. i rolled my eyes, and he handed me a chip. our hands together in the middle of the board, not wanting to lose. we dropped it, and it had landed in the 5 points box, right next to the 20, but not close enough. we sighed and pulled out the other one, and both had just dropped it randomly. we ran down the stairs, wanting to see what it would land in, and right when we got to the bottom, the buzzer went off, meaning it hit the 20 point. we smiled our biggest, as they handed harry a big wrap around monkey that had detachable velcro hands. he detached the arms and attached it to my satchel. we both smiled at each other before i hugged him again. “no more games, please? i don’t wanna waste all your money.” I said with a sorry laugh. “boyband, Tiana.” He said, “but—” i said before he tried to lean in to kiss me again, i pushed his head back with my index finger. “stop getting me to shut up with your kisses, Harry i’m serious, you've used a lot on us today.” I said giving him diva eyes. he blinked with disagreement. i gave him a look. “fine. but only because you said so.” He said sighing before he kissed my cheek. we waddled a few feet before we bumped back into Crys&Mike. “ick, already kissing on the first date? watch Mike, by tomorrow, they’ll be having sex.” Carrie said giving me a face of disgust. i stuck my tongue out at her. “you’re just jealous that i got Harry before you, whore.” I said as we all laughed, we all had known Harry was her alltime favourite. “You keep Harry. i’ve got my Mikey.” she said as she looked up kissing him. “How long have you two been together?” Harry asked. “.. four years? ever since the 7th grade, right babe?” Mike said, looking down at her as she nodded. We were in year 11, so yeah four years was right, dang, has time really gone by that fast? “Wow. Are you gonna ask for her hand in marriage?” Harry asked, laughing jokily, i could feel his chest vibrate on my back. “she is the only person i could ever imagine marrying, actually,” he said as he lay his chin on her head, “and she was my first, and only girlfriend.” he added, all of us shocked. “i didn’t even know that, loser!” Crys said, surprised  as she kissed him. their relationship was so perfect it depressed me. like it was a great moment for ‘agahgskdhsh’ but i couldn’t say that in real life. “aw, aren’t they cute?” i said as i looked up and over to harry. he smiled at me, placing his chin on my shoulder, i breathed slowly, and i could feel him doing the same. “hey, the fair closes in like ten minutes? how about we all go get some frozen yogurt then go to my place?” Mike said. we all nodded agreeingly. Harry&I trailed behind them, hand-in-hand. he smiled at me every now and then. “why aren’t you hiding?” i asked him. he seemed confused, “what?” he said laughing. “like why aren’t you hiding me from the fans a paparazzi?” i asked again, really wondering. he shrugged, “i don’t know,” he sighed, “i guess i really like you, and i don’t think it’s right to hide feelings for someone you really like.” he said with a cheeky smile. i smiled my widest at him, “really?” i asked. “really.” he said, still smiling, staring into my eyes. “you guys got a lot of teddybears.” Crys said as we walked out to the parking lot. Harry&I laughed, “he won the really big one for me.” i said, sorta blushing. “aaawwww. how cute!” she said, teasing me. i rolled my eyes at her, as we aprroached the two cars. harry gave me a hug as we made our separate ways.

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