The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


24. Sucks To Say It, But..

Harry's POV ~ 
Paul pulled up to the hotel drop off zone, and Tiana refused to sit in the wheelchair. "Come on, I can walk, you know." She said to Paul, who shook his head, "Just go." She smiled as I wrapped her arm around my shoulder, so she wouldn't have so much pressure. "I don't want to go tonight." She groaned as all of us crowded into the elevator. "Tell me about it," Louis added. "You two have had enough from him already," Liam added aswell. "Aye, but free food." Niall said out of the blue. We laughed as the elevator jerked to a stop. Tiana almost fell backwards, "Careful!" Eleanor yelped. 
Tiana's POV~ 
Harry held my hand as I opened the door to our room. "What are you gonna wear?" Louis asked. We both shrugged. "What's the theme?" Harry asked. "Blue and Black," El responded. Perfect! I can wear the new dress Harry got me. I pulled it out and smiled, "This'll do good right?" They nodded in agreement. Harry wore a black v-neck, a white lightweight blazer, and layered a black blazer on top. His pants were black denims, and he wore black converse. I slid on my dress and put on pumps. I carried the studded clutch and black rose earrings. My hair was up in a bun and I wore black bangles. El and Lou got dressed, also matching quite well. Us girls touched up our make-up, and the guys fixed their hair. Once we were done, we walked out to the hallway to find most everyone ready. 
Eleanor's POV~ 
I thought it was really cute that Harry held Tiana's pumps and let her wear his shoes for the way down. They smiled making their way through the crowds hand-in-hand. "Remember when we were that early in the relationship?" I asked Lou as I grabbed his arm. He smiled, "Yeah. Those were the days," He said, pecking my nose.
Tiana's POV~
We settled in the car, and just before you knew it, we were there. It wasn't Justin's condo though. We got to The Hilton, where security escorted us to a huge ballroom and restaurant. Harry and I switched shoes because I had to sit back down in the wheelchair. He pushed me by a chair so I could sit down, they took the wheelchair and put it off to the side. The room was pretty much empty by the time we got there. But it was so elegant and nice. There were blue and black drapes hanging from the walls, and the tables and chairs matched perfectly. There was a fountain in the middle of the seats and a huge wooden dance floor. "This is so gorgeous." I whispered to Harry as the doors swung open. Multiple celebrities walked in, and there was a barrier of security guards blocking off screaming fans and yelling paparazzi. I could spot Selena and Justin, Miley, Vanessa, the Hemsworths, the Smiths, and so many more. It was like an awards show. My jaw dropped as I looked around the room. Many people made conversation with others and our table aswell. Just in that time, I spoke to Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez. The doors finally shut as everyone made their way back to their seats. Waiters and waitresses brought out breadsticks and menus. There was a tapping of glass. Justin stood up and smiled at us, "We set up this night as an apology to what happened with Harry & Tiana the other night. I am awfully sorry, i'm hoping you'll forgive me." He said as I looked over at Harry, waiting for him to say something. Haz stood, "Sucks to say it, but apology accepted." We rose our glasses up in sync as everyone clapped.

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