The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


20. Sigh.


Harry's POV~
Paul was speeding, he looked really nervous and frustrated as he drove. After a few minutes, he pulled into the parking lot of a hospital. I shook my head and slammed the door. "What the hell is going on Paul?!" I yelled at him, "Let's go! They're waiting for you!" He said as he walked through the sliding doors. I trailed behind him, it was empty. No sign of anyone but nurses. Paul & I went up to them, "What room is--?" Paul started, "Room 216. Farthest on the left." The nurse said cutting him off. We walked that way and in a private waiting room was the whole group. They looked tired as hell, some of them even sleeping. Although,  Tiana wasn't there. Paul pushed open the glass door, Louis shot up, "Harry!" He came in for a hug, I pushed him away, "What the hell is going on." Everyone's attention was drawn. There was a silence as they all glanced at Paul. "She's awake." A voice said from behind us. I turned to see the doctor. I glanced back at them and walked myself to the room. I heard the telly on, switching from channel to channel before I walked in. I caught her attention, just by walking in. We stared for a couple long seconds. "You're probably mad at me aren't me aren't you?" She mumbled softly. My jaw dropped, "Are you crazy?! You should be the one mad at me!" I said back. She looked up at me, it seemed as if a hint of hope was in her eyes. She touched my arm, the stinging cuts already felt better when she ran her fingers along them. Her eyebrows showed sorrow, "What happened?" She looked over at my shirt, "What happened to your shirt too? And weren't you wearing a beanie? Harry, did you get beat up?" She asked nervously. I shook my head, "No, just some fans and paparazzi ruckus." She just stared at me, it was a long while. "I'm so sorry. I am honestly so sorry, I don't know what was going through my mind, I just should have stayed with you. And Justin was the one touching me not vice---" I went straight for a kiss. It all reminded me of our first kiss at the fair. We seperated and she blushed, "Don't worry, baby." I said sitting in the chair and rubbing my fingers in circles above her palm. I finally saw the stiches running down the back of her forearm. "What happened?" I asked, she smiled slyly, "Ruckus." "Do you have them anywhere else?" She looked down at her legs. They were wrapped, and some of the blood was even seaping through. "I'm so sorry." I said, my voice was cracky. I was about to break down at the condition she was in. "It hurts to see you like this," I said as she ran her fingers through my hair, "If you cry, I'll be in worse condition, so don't." She said as we giggled. I softly lay my head on her shoulder. She laid her chin on the top of my crown as our fingers interlocked. There was a knock at the door, We turned to see everyone by the door, "Mind if we come in?" Liam said as they entered without our response. They sat around her, "How you feeling?" Niall asked running his finger down the cast on her right leg. She shrugged, "Better than before."  Tiana's POV~ They asked a bunch of questions, asking how I was, If I felt bad or anything. There was another tap at the door, "Mrs. Cameli?" The doctor projected over the voices, I smiled, "Yes?" "You'll be in a wheelchair for three days and in that time the stiches will have come off, is that okay?" I nodded, but it wasn't okay, since I'd be in a wheelchair for the half of vacation. "I just need a legal guardian or parent to sign this form, and you're free to go." Paul got up and signed the form. They brought in the wheelchair and set me into it. It was so uncomfortable. Harry was the first to grab the handles and start pushing me out the door. We glided into the waiting room, where Paul had to bring a paper up to the nurses and explain. I saw the sliding doors open and Justin, Kenny, and Alfredo walk right in. I looked up at Harry, he looked down at me, then turned around to the group, leaving me here. Justin stopped right by me, "Oh my god! Listen! I'm sorry." He said as everyone turned around, I just looked down. I wasn't in the mood to talk to or about him. Harry kneeled down by me and Justin. Justin looked at him, "Bro listen, I didn't know anything, I thought she was a fan, a friend of yours." Harry stood up, "Did you ask her who she even was?" Justin blinked a couple times, "... No.." Harry shook his head, "Then apology not accepted, if you can't even  find the boundries you're about to pass, I don't know why I should be forgiving you," Harry said as everyone's jaw dropped. Justin shook his head as he exited the hospital. "Awww shit." Louis and Niall said in sync. I giggled to myself, Harry turned to the others, with a 'what the hell is wrong' face. It was funny to see him so frustrated, which is probably what everyone was laughing about. "I bet you Tiana is thinking the exact same as us!" I tried to hide a smile--but failed-- and looked down. "What?" He said. "It's funny to see you so frustrated," I said as everyone broke out in laughter. He shook his head, "Oh, this isn't the first time." He said as we all exited the hospital. It was awfully hard to get into the car, my legs felt so numb. "Nurse said you can't wear any tight trousers or sweaters for a week," Paul said looking over at me in the rearview mirror. I nodded.  It was really dark by the time we got back to the hotel. No traffic, no screaming crowds, it was peaceful. Harry, Louis, Eleanor, and I headed into our rooms, and in a second, we dozed off to sleep. 
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