The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


21. Rest In Peace Tiana.



Tiana's POV~
I woke up in Harry's arms. My leg was throbbing like a bitch. Even if i moved a millimeter, it hurt. I could see the blood seeping through the bandages. What a way to wake up. "Oh my goddd," I mumbled to myself in pain. Harry's arm moves from under my neck. "You okay?" He asked, sitting up quickly. I shook my head, "I'm so sorry, nooo, go back to sleep!" He laughed, "I'm already up. Do you want me to change your bandages?" I frowned at him, he smiled. "Are you okay with it?" He rubbed my other leg, "Absolutely, babe," He stood up and adjusted his boxers, "Let me go get Neosporin and the wrap." I smiled as i sat up. My legs and arms ached so bad. My arms had a few cuts, but not as bad as my legs. There was banging on the door, "OPEN, NOW." It was Paul. Everyone froze, because we'd never seen Paul act this way. Lou jumped up to answer it. El sat up in the bed. Paul came running in as soon as the door swung open. He ran over to Harry in the first aid kit cabinet. Paul started at him, "What the fuck is this? All your parents have been calling nonstop worried about ALL of you. What's going on Harry! Tell me!" I was so confused, the boys quickly surrounded our doorway and El & Lou hovered over Paul. I stay put. "This wasn't even me! Why are you blaming me anyways! Lou's & Niall's have it too! I swear i didn't do any shit!" Dani & El came over to me & explained. I opened up my laptop, my mentions on twitter were going insane. El pointed at the tweets. "RIP Tiana... Killed in a horrid glass accident." Danielle read aloud. "But i'm right here ???" They nodded, "exactly." Eleanor shook her head, "It's on the main and the other boy's accounts too." I shook my head as my phone vibrated on the counter beside me. I picked it up to see it was my mom, great. "Hello?" I greeted. "MY BABY, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?! oh my god. its all over the news. WHAT HAPPENED?" i calmed her down. The boys calmed Paul down. And we all sat and did some explaining.
And yes, Harry did get to change my bandages.

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