The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


25. OW-hhh My God!

Tiana's POV~
They served us two meals, lobster pot pie, then steak with asparagus and mash. I was looking forward to dessert, I was sorta craving something sweet all day. Harry ran his fingers up and down my thigh as he patted his mouth with his napkin. I turned to look at him, and he smirked, without even looking my way. "How's the steak?" Justin said patting my back. Harry squeezed my thigh as hard as he could. "OW-hhh my god, it's amazing!" I said, saving myself. Justin smiled, "Good. Listen, I am really sorry." Harry kept touching me, so I crossed my legs. "No worries. Thank you so much though," I smiled. He smiled back as Harry continued.
Harry's POV~
Her talking to Justin killed me, so I messed with her the whole time. "Harry!" She yelled as he left. I laughed as she caught everyone's attention. "Oh my god, you asshole." She mumbled without moving her lips. Everyone laughed and continued on with conversation. 
Tiana's POV~ 
They  served us dessert and soon enough everyone was up and out of their seats, speaking to one another. Harry held my hand, making sure not to lose me this time. I smiled and freaked out as he waved to other celebrities. I shook Miley Cyrus's hand, accomplishment? I think yes. The music came on, and Harry got lost into speaking to Lou & El. "I'm gonna go get a bottle of water, do you want one?" I nudged El as she nodded. I ran over to the tables with baby-powder white cloths hanging off of each ledge. I took two Fiji waters and headed back. Before I got to El, I felt someone wrap their hands around my waist, "Leaving me again are you?" Harry's husky voice mumbled in my ear as i could feel him smirk. I giggled, "I just got water babe, don't you worry about me." Eleanor and Louis laughed and smiled at us from a distance. We waddled over to them in the same position the whole time. I handed El the water and she smiled, "Thanks." 
"Care for a dance, m'lady?" Harry said, getting on one knee and holding my hand. "Of course I would, my fine sir." I said, laughing and giggling the whole time. He took me to the shiny and smooth redwood plated dance floor. A slow song came on, "It's nice isn't it?" I asked, as he slowly slid his hands to my waist. I wrapped my hands around his neck, and we waddled back and forth. "What is?" He asked, smiling. I shrugged, "I don't know. Being such a big star, knowing all these great people." His dimple quickly formed, "Babe, no one is as great as you. It's nice having you here. Having someone to love and care for." Our foreheads and noses touched, "I love you, so much, Harry." "I love you so much more, Tiana." We slowly kissed and pulled back a few seconds after. I smiled as we swung along with the music. 

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