The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


7. Mum!


Harry's POV~ At around 10:05 most people had left, and I caught Tiana with El in the pool room, they were picking up people's trash, laughing and joking whilst doing it. I was on the top balcony, just watching. Louis came up next to me. "She's really different from your past girlfriends, good different." He said, patting me on the shoulder, "Prettier than the others too." We laughed quietly. "Like you said when I met El, she's a keeper, she gets along with everyone in the band, her personality is lovely." I smiled at him, "I hope she likes me as much as I like her." He then rubbed my back, "She will lad, she will." We turned our heads to see them looking up at us. "Are you talking about us?!" Tiana yelled. Louis & I shook our heads in sync.  Tiana's POV~ "How about you two get down here and help us?" El yelled. "Yeah how about it Harry?" Louis said as they rolled their eyes and headed for the staircase. We were practically done by the time they got down the stairs. I handed Harry the bag I was holding, "Here babe." He laughed, "I guess that's fair enough, but we have to get going. Since you've met everyone else, all you have to meet now is my mum." He said, handing the bag over to Louis. "Bye!"  ~ in the car ~ "Tonight was loads of fun. Eleanor is so amazing, and very lovely to talk to." I said, just to keep my mind preoccupied so the nerves of meeting his mum wouldn't get into me. "Yeah, it was nice to see the boys the millionth time this week." Harry said laughing. Again, he was so concentrated on the road. Geez these nerves were rising. When we got to a red light, he finally looked over at me, "You look nervous." I looked up and him and bit my lip, "Sorta.." He grabbed my hand as the light turned green, "Don't worry, the band loves you, your personality is amazing. Nothing could go wrong." He looked into my eyes at another red light. I looked straight into his... "You totally got that from Louis." We still didn't move. "You totally know how to ruin a moment." "My special charm." The bright lights flashed green, and before you knew it, we were at Harry's house. The nerves trembled again. I became more awkward, so I could tell Harry knew I was nervous. He grabbed my hand and we walked up to the front door. "Don't you have keys to your own house?" I asked, giggling a little. He shook his head, "I realized I forgot them on the counter right before the date." Gemma opened the door, I could see her friends on the couch behind her. Still no sign of Harry's mum. Gemma gladly invited us in. Her friends still shocked at how she's sisters with Harry. It was insane. Really. "MUM!" Harry yelled, guiding me towards the kitchen. Standing there was Robin & Anne. I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I was so scared. They smiled at both of us. "Who's this lovely?" Anne asked. She said lovely. Okay, this is off to a good start. "This is my girlfriend, Tiana. I came to introduce her to you guys." Harry said, smiling. though he's said it many times before, the word "girlfriend" coming out of his mouth just sent rushes down my spine and butterflies in my stomach. So lovely. His mom's mouth dropped with a smile, she stuck her hand out, "Well hello! It's very nice to meet you." "It's nice to meet you too, Mrs. Cox," I said shaking her hand. She looked surprised at the fact I knew her real last name. Robin also shook my hand, and we headed back into the lounging room. "I'm going to drop her home!" Harry yelled towards the kitchen. "Okay!" Anne yelled back. Gemma's friends were still gazing at Harry. I caught Harry giving them a weird look, and giggled to myself.
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