The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


12. More Mug!


Tiana's POV~
It was all so exciting. I could feel the rush going through each and every one of my veins. "I love you, too." I whispered in his ear. I felt his cheeks tense up.
Harry's POV~ 
I turned so red, I was grinning from ear to ear. Grimmy smirked at me, and I pulled Tiana back to make eyecontact. We came in for one more kiss and seperated. "She's been holding that mug all day." Mike said, laughing. I looked down and she lifted it up too look back in, I peeked over the side, the bottom of the mug said "I love you. - Harry." She smiled. Crystal took the mug from her and looked again, Grimmy even took a peek. "This is just perfect." Crystal said, "Why didn't you do this for me Mikey? Huh?" He said shoving him, he smiled, "Sorry, I didn't know that buying you a matching car wasn't enough." He rolled his eyes. Grimmy shot up.
Tiana's POV~ 
The very familiar guy who had been sitting next to them the whole time shot up. "Wooah he got you a car?" He seemed so amazed. "Uh.." Crystal said, she looked very confused. "OH, I forgot to introduce him to you guys," Harry said through laughs, "This is Grimmers." THAT'S WHY HE LOOKED FAMILIAR, " Nick Grimmy?" Mike echoed. Grimmy nodded and stuck his hand out, "Nice to meet you." "Wait so were you guys like hanging out or something?" Crystal asked, "Wait don't you have to take care of BBC1?" I added. "You girlfriend's got good taste in Radio," He laughed, "But yeah, we hung out," He said pointing over the the gazillion shopping bags on the ground. "I had to drag my neice to school today because she had no ride, and Harry & I just bumped into each other." We all nodded. "Well I'm gonna get going." Mike said, saluting to Harry & Grimmy. Crystal dragged along happily. "We're going too, do you need a ride?" Harry asked. Grimmy shook his head, "Neice's house is just down the street. But I'm just gonna head off to her practice." He said as he stood up and did this really awkward handshake with Harry. They waved as we walked back to my house. I just realized he was holding some Topshop and Zara bags. "What'd you buy today?" I asked, cuddling up to his bicep. He smiled, "Just a little something for both of us." I laughed and opened my door. We headed toward the kitchen. He set the bags on the table and I threw my bag on the ground. He smiled at me, "You ready for tomorrow?" Holy crap, I totally forgot about the vacation. He must have seen the look on my face, "Don't worry, I'm packed, and I'll help you." I smiled and laughed, "Thanks." He pulled out some folded clothes. All the ones he pulled out so far were his. There were about four new jeans, A couple new shirts, and some beanies. Those were all in the Topshop and American Apperal bags. I reached out for the Zara bag, "What's in this one?" He smacked my hand, "No. Don't touch." I laughed and rubbed the spot he hit, "Ow." He smiled and pulled out a gorgeous studded clutch and a navy blue lace dress with the back cut out. They were so absolutely gorgeous. My jaw dropped. "These are for you." He said smiling. I got up and ran up to him for a hug, "Oh my god, Harry, these are amazing! I - I don't even know what to say." He pulled me into a kiss. He paused and pulled about an inch away, "Then don't say anything." I smiled, "I love you."  ~ author's note: lol so i realized she's in like either third year or fourth or fifth but i don't even know i'm american excuse my fake britishness.
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