The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


26. Make Me.

Tiana's POV~ I felt something coming down my leg, something like water, but much, much thicker. I glanced down quickly to see my bandages seeping. I gasped quietly. Harry didn't even take the time to look down, he just picked me up and sat me on a chair. He took the bandages out of the small net of the wheelchair and quickly changed them. A small crowd gathered every now and then, watching and staring as if Harry was doing surgurey on me. I smiled and giggled as he ruffled his eyebrows, wrapping the gauze around my leg. He looked up and smiled, "All done. Do you just wanna sit now?" I made a guilty face, "Can we please?" He smiled, "Of course." He sat on the chair beside me, and Justin and Selena sat across from us. Harry quickly looked down at his phone on his lap, I decided to make conversation. Harry's POV~  I texted her, "Are they back together??" Her phone lit up from under the table. She looked over at me and shrugged. Justin and Selena both got lost talking to each other as I put my chin on Tiana's shoulder. I nibbled her ear before anything, "And he was all up on you the other night." I sighed, loud enough for only her to hear. She smiled, "I wish I didn't do that. I'm so sorry, babe." I smiled, "Don't you worry about a thing, babe."  "Do you guys want another slice of cake?" Selena asked as we both jerked our heads toward them. "Yeah, but just one, we'll share." Tiana said, as she smiled. Tiana's POV~ As they called the waiters, Harry sat my thigh on his leg. Running his fingers up and down my thighs. He traced circles up higher and higher. "Stop." I whispered, he smirked, "Make me." The waitress sat a big slice of chocolate cake and two metal spoons in front of us. Haz took one before I could, and took the biggest bite you could ever imagine. My jaw dropped and he laughed, almost dropping the cake in his mouth. I began to eat some myself, and made some conversation with Selena & Justin. "You're so gorgeous," Harry said, rubbing really high up my thigh.  Stop I mouthed to him. He smirked,  Make me. I turned my cheek, and continued to speak. "So. Fucking. Gorgeous." He whispered, rubbing my inner thighs. I avoided it. He began to squeeze and rub higher and higher. I tried moving back, but his hands wouldn't let me. "Hey, well we're gonna make some conversation with others. You guys have fun." Justin said smiling. Harry finally decided to smile back. "You hate him so much," I said, shaking and turning my head to him. He laughed, "Of course I do. I don't understand why you don't." I made a crooked face and shrugged. I leaned my head on my angled arm, "I guess I can't really hate anyone. It's not in my system." He smiled, "But that's great! Being the good person is always the best, right?" I shrugged, "I suppose.." He shook his head, "Just drop it. Bad vibes are everywhere, and I guess I caught one of them." 
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