The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


22. Hollywood here we come!

Harry's POV~
We got ready to have breakfast and spend the day on Sunset & Rodeo. Lou & El left to the other boy's rooms. I got dressed into a pair of black jeans, slipped on my Hipsta Please Tshirt, and tied up the laces to my white converse. Tiana sat on the side of the bed, watching me change. I smirked at her, "Do you need help changing or something? Can you get up?" She giggled, "Oh, yeah. Of course. I just wanted to watch you change." I smiled as I made my way over to her. She stood up and stared into my eyes. Giving me nothing but a peck before she limped her way over to her suitcase.
Tiana's POV ~
I opened my suitcase and pulled out a familiar white Tshirt, with the words "Hipsta Please." written across it. It had a sticky note on it, "Love you babe. - Harry." I grinned. "Is this yours?" I asked, hugging the shirt. "I'm wearing mine aren't I?" He said pulling his shirt down. "So we're twins today?" I asked, giggling. He smiled at me and pecked at my nose. "I guess so." I smiled and stood up to change. I wore lightwash skinny jeans with holes, the shirt, and threw on a maroon knit cardigan. I also slid on my white converse. Harry helped me up as someone knocked on the door. He walked over to answer, and i walked into the restroom to fix my hair and quickly apply mascara & eyeliner. My eyeliner was winged and mascara not too clumpy. I put my hair up in a saggy bun with loose strands. I checked myself one more time before exiting the bathroom. I walked out to find EVERYONE in our room. It was like everyone migrated. "Finally!" Zayn and Liam yelled, "Let's go!" 
We piled into the car and headed to the world famous The Waffle, down the street from Sunset. We sat around a big rectangular table and ate for about an hour. 
Harry's POV~ 
I pushed Tiana around in her wheelchair as she pointed to the stores we passed. I offered if she wanted to go look, but hardly did she ever say yes. She finally decided to go into H&m. I helped her browse through the clothes they had and completely ignored the fans and paparazzi. Today was gonna be all about her. "THAT IS SO CUTE." She shrieked as she pointed to a navy green army sweater. "Do you want me to get it?" I said as i laughed. She smiled, "Yeah, i'll hold it." She hugged that sweater, a Kanye West tank top, three pairs of leggings, and a premade flowercrown. It was so adorable seeing her shop. "Ready?" I said, she smiled, "Yes sir!" We got to the register and she tried getting up to set the clothes on the counter, I gently pushed her back down and took the clothes. "I don't think so." I said. She rolled her eyes at me, and dug around in her satchel. The cashier was ready to ring her up, but she still couldn't find her wallet. I saw the chance and I decided to take it. I pulled out my card and she scratched my arm, I laughed and rubbed it as the cashier took my card. "Harry!" She yelled as she finally pulled out her wallet, "I was gonna pay for it!"

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