The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


14. Hmph.


Tiana's POV~  I still didn't know what to do, we've been sitting on the sidewalk for more than 10 minutes. Our parents were even talking to each other.  I finally decided to stand up. Everyone stared at me. I ignored all the small jibberjabber and just walked into Harry's house. He was lying on the couch. He looked like me earlier this morning. I don't think he noticed I came in. I just stood by the door. What am I supposed to say? Did he break me or did I break him? "Go away." He mumbled through sobs. So he did know someone was in here. Maybe he thought it was one of The Boys. I turned around to see everyone lined up at the window. I blinked a couple times and they smiled. I proceeded to move closer. "Harry.." I said softly. He was like a fucking ninja because I almost didn't even say anything and he jumped up. He pulled out his earphones and wiped away tears quickly. It felt like all the butterflies in my stomach just crinkled up and turned to ashes. I felt a tear fall down my cheek, I quickly wiped it away and Harry stood up to face me. "I'm so sorry." He said softly, his voice was cracky. I leaned into his chest. He cradled me in his arms. I just cried into his chest. I felt his tears fall onto the top of my head. "I'm so sorry." I said, wiping tears away, "I'm sorry you had to put up with my over dramatic actions. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I repeated. He stroked my hair, "Shh, it's my fault. Don't say anything." I began crying in his shirt. Yesterday's mascara smeared all over my knuckles and his shirt. "I love you." I said looking up to him. "I love you more." He replied, as we waddled in this position for long while.  Crystal's POV~ We watched them through the windows. "They're so perfect, I don't even wanna talk about it." I said as I gazed at them. "They're perfect for each other." Niall said, also admiring them. I noticed that all our parents were watching from a distance too. Eleanor came out of a car with Zayn's girlfriend, Perrie of Little Mix. They looked confused and quickly join us. "Awwww." El said, hugging Lou. Eleanor quickly stepped back and took a picture of us watching. We all took out our phones and took pictures of Harry & Tiana. Harry looked up at us, shook his head and flipped us off. We laughed as we headed into his house, ruining their moment.  Tiana's POV~ I felt so safe cradled in his arms. It felt like heaven until everyone bombarded into his house. They laughed and made conversation as they walked in. Crystal came in, holding Mike's hand, and smiled at me. A very familiar looking blonde girl came in, holding Zayn's hand. She smiled and came towards me, dragging Zayn from Liam and Niall. "You must me Tiana!" She said shaking my hand. I smiled and nodded, "You're.. Uh.." "Perrie." She said, still with a smile. THERE YOU GO. "Right! Zayn's girlfriend?" She nodded, "Nice to meet you. You're all over the news you know." As the time passed, We made small talk with one another, I stayed right by Harry. "YOOO! The flight leaves in an hour! Takes 30 to get to the airport, so let's blow this popstand!" Crystal yelled getting everyone's attention. Harry said bye to Anne and Robin. I met my parents outside, "Be safe and have fun. Call us if you ever need something." I smiled, "I will." Eleanor motioned for me to hop into the van with them. I hugged my mom & dad one more time and waved goodbye.  
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