The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


2. Explanations.

At the frozen yogurt shop, Mike had offered to buy us all frozen yogurt. we all went along with it. as Mike and Crystal ordered, Harry & I had found us a booth, i sat on the same side as Harry, so that Crys&Mike could sit next to each other. It had been a really bad day not to wear a sweater, i was freezing. lets just pray that i don’t get my hives. harry must have seen me shivering, or felt my goosebumps or something because he had taken his sweater off and given it to me. i smiled at him. “thanks.” he smiled back, “no problem.” he said as Crystal & Mike arrived with the ice cream, there were two big bowls, so i was guessing we were sharing. they handed us a bowl and we dug in. harry looked down at me, then laughed, holding his hand in front of his mouth, making sure not to spit anything out. i was so confused. “what. oh my god. is there something on my face.” i said hesitating as he slowly calmed down. i dabbed everywhere on my face, Crys & Mike started to laugh even harder, along with Mr. Styles here. Harry grabbed my jaw and turned my head to face him, so he could wipe off whatever was on my face. it was the ice cream. it had smeared all over my chin & cheeks. harry dipped the napkin in a little water, to get the stickyness off. once he was done, he smiled at me and kissed my nose. i turned my head and glared at Crystal. “whore.” I said as i turned back to harry. “says the girl who kissed on the first date.” she said sassing me back. i rolled my eyes at her as i smiled at harry. Mike was laughing at our stupidness. when we all finished our ice cream, we headed out to the cars. “text me yeah?” harry asked me before we split again, i smiled “for sure,” i said as i went up to give him a long hug. once we broke free, he kissed me on the cheek, as i probably turned red. we smiled at each other one more time, and headed into the cars, Crystal got into the car a few seconds after i did, she had a big smile on her face. she looked at me then started the engine. “hey, today was a lot of fun.” i said as she rolled her eyes at me as she pulled out into the freeway, “i told you, you didn’t have to be worried about anything. i smiled, “thanks for inviting me.” i said as she smirked, “anytime, what are friends for?” i turned on the radio, then shut it back off, since everything was commercials. “so what did you and Harry do?” she asked as she glanced to the back, at the giant teddybear Harry had got me. “we mostly played games, not many rides, we rode the Ferris Wheel. what about you two?” i said smiling & shrugging. She laughed at me. “seems like you guys had a lot of fun, and Mike & I rode rides, shared A LOT of food, it was fun.” she said smiling. “that’s good!” i said, as we started more conversations.
i entered my house, hugging my bear as i got in. my mom & dad were in the kitchen, making their usual midnight snack before they watched a movie in the living room. my mom took a quick glance at my bear and then smiled at me. “so how was it?” she asked, still smiling. i smiled back at her, my widest.  ”it was plain amazing,” i said, “who was the boy? It seems you two got along really well,” she said, chopping up some onions for their salsa, “well at least that’s what i read from the giant teddy bear & the smile on your face.” She added as i put my stuff down to help her. “it was a very special boy. and yes, we got along perfectly.” i said as i dozed off, just thinking about him. “but who was it?” she asked as i got the tortilla chips and dumped them into a bowl, i shrugged and smiled to myself, i never told her who i went out with, it was always a mystery to her, she rolled her eyes and my dad came downstairs in his pajamas that matched my mom’s. “oh, Tiana, who was the boy that you ended up going with?” he asked, taking the chips from my hands and sat himself on the couch. “harry styles.” my mom dropped her knife, “you tell him but not me?” she said, i smiled at her. my dad was staring at me, “oh shut up.” he said, “stop dreaming.” i shook my head and laughed, “it was! I swear! Look this is even his sweater!” i said, proving him wrong. my mom shook her head and laughed as my dad rolled his eyes. i shook my head in frustration as i grabbed my stuff and headed to my room, “watchhhh.” i said as i shut my door. i sat on my bed, and opened up my laptop. i went straight to harry’s twitter, he hadn’t known mine though, he asked, but i didn’t want to give it to him. ‘had an amazing night tonight, lots of fun :) x’ i read, smiling to myself, a few seconds later, he tweeted a picture of him & tom, he was probably with him. i heard the bell ring, but ignored it, pizza? maybe their friend? who cares. i kept scrolling down, until i saw familiar tweets, and closed my laptop. i got into my pajamas, and someone knocked on my door, i opened it to see my mom smiling at me, “harry’s downstairs talking to your dad.” she said, my jaw dropped, “WHAT.” i said pushing through her and peeked from the top of the stairs to see harry and tom sitting on the couch opposite from my dad, “hey Tiana!” Mike yelled, right before i could go back up to change out of my pjs. damn you. i turned around and smiled at them, heading down the stairs, Mike laughed at me hysterically, “nice pajamas,” he sarcastically said to me as i went up to greet him with a hug, slapping his back afterwards as he still died of laughter, harry was much more calm, still holding some laughter in. “nothing’s wrong with eeyore.” He said as he came up to give me a hug, as we hugged i could feel him chuckle a bit. i let go and rolled my eyes. “uh.. so why are you guys here?” i said, weirdly. i mean i was fine with it and all, but it was still sorta weird. & i never saw Mike unless it was with Crystal. “and how’d you get my address?” i said even more weirdly. They chuckled, “Crystal and i have dropped you home so many times, it’s normal for me & plus we live right down the street.” Mike said, “wait we? Harry lives near you?” i said looking at him, “yeah, i live right next to him actually, and you forgot your necklace.” he said digging in his pocket, “but i—” i said before he eyeballed me. he went behind me and put it on me, it was the necklace i wanted at the fair, big gold heart pendant, on a little chain, “you have a necklace like that?” my dad asked, confused, my mom shoved him, then eyeballed me. i quickly nodded. i went to hug harry, “thank you so much, it’s amazing.” i whispered in his ear as i felt him smile. “anytime.” he whispered back, kissing me on the cheek. “wait, you forgot your sweater!” i said heading up to get his sweater, then back down. i handed it to him and he held it like a towel. “well we’re gonna head back down,” Mike said as he started walking off with Harry, “see you soon, tiana!” he said as i smiled at him and they walked out, i started to head back up the stairs, “those are some crazy excuses to come see you at this hour,” my dad said raising his eyebrow at me & my mom laughing with him, i rolled my eyes & smiled, “i was actually looking at this one at the fair.” i said looking down at it, “it was quite pricey, so i didn’t get it.” i said as they smiled at me, “he must really like you, is it official yet?” my mom asked, i shrugged and headed back to my room, smiling.

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