The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


9. Cousins?

Harry's POV~
Mike & Crystal told me that Crystal told her after school. She gave me a confused face, "Heard about what?" She obviously hadn't. I took her hand to the back porch. She leaned against the wood, I brushed up behind her. "We're going on holiday, with Mike, Crystal, & all the boys and their mates." She actually flinched at the fact, "Really?!" she yelped with excitement, she turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck. I smiled, "Yeah, we've been talking about it, and since you all have holiday for the winter, we were thinking of all going on a trip somewhere." She smiled, it made me so happy to see her smiling. "To where though?" She said, confused. I laughed, "We're taking a plane to California." She gasped, "Are you serious?! Who's gonna pay for all of this?!" I rolled my eyes, "My butt." She laughed and lightly pushed me, "Seriously though." I smiled, "Us boys are all pitching a few bucks in, you, El, & Crystal don't have to worry about a thing." She smiled and gave me a peck, "Thank you so much." As we hugged, she slowly began to slouch, then moved back. "What are my parents gonna say?" She ruffled her eyebrows. I smiled at her, "We've spoken to them. They had to think twice about letting you go, but since Paul will be joining us, they absolutely trust you." She smiled and pulled me in for the biggest kiss & hug ever. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOOU!" She yelled before she began kissing me again. There was a tap on the porch glass, it was her mom. We quickly stepped back from each other as her mom slid open the glass, "I don't mean to interrupt  but we've got to head to the airport sweetie." Her mom said. Tiana frowned, "Already?" "Come on, you should be happy they're coming to visit!" "I am, just, hold on, I'll meet you in the lounge." Her mom nodded and shut the glass. "What was that about?" I asked with confusion. She smiled, fakely, "We have to go pick up a few cousins, they love you. They hate me." "Oh, come on, they can't be that bad, why would someone hate you?" I asked, rubbing her back as we headed back into the kitchen. She froze. Her cousins were already in her flat, all scattered around the lounging room. "TIANA!" One of them yelled. I jumped back and sat on one of the kitchen counters so I wouldn't be seen. I saw her get dragged out of the kitchen with the worst look on her face. Soon, there was another knock at the door. The room filled with silence as it opened, "ALICE! OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" I heard Tiana yell. Who in the world is Alice? I thought she hated her cousins? The lounge filled with jibberjabber quickly enough. I was getting bored of sitting, so i decided to make a pyramid with the apples in the woven basket on the table. Just as I set the last apple on top, an older girl that looked similar to Tiana, but with longer and dyed hair, walked into the kitchen and froze, just as Tiana did when she entered the lounge. We had a staring contest for about a good 10 seconds. "Uh.. Tiana?" She said. "Yeah?" Tiana yelled back. "Come in here please." Tiana waddled to her. "Oh, I forgot you were in here." She said coming over to me. I smiled. "Who's this..?" The girl said, shocked as hell. "Harry Styles stupid." Tiana laughed, the girl glared at her, "No shit, but uh.. Why is he in out house?" She was still confused. I smiled at her and hopped off the counter, "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Tiana's boyfriend." The girl seemed really shocked. She finally took my hand and shook it, "Wow.. Nice to meet you! I'm Alice, Tiana's older sibling." IT ALL MADE SENSE NOW, OH, that's why she was excited. Duh. I smiled, "Well, I hope to see you more soon." I said, heading back over to Tiana. There was a sudden scream from the lounge. "Hold her back damn it!" Someone yelled. There were a couple more shrieks afterwards. We all looked at each other and rant to the room. "What's wrong?!" Tiana yelled, and everyone looked our way. Three girls started screaming again. Niall and Liam were at the door. Oh, they love The Band.. I forgot. The girls were literally going crazy, while everyone else was shocked. Tiana & I intertwined fingers and headed to Niall & Liam. "Geez, is it us that have cause this ruckus?" Niall asked, his eyes scanning the room, Tiana laughed and nodded, "They are obsessed with you guys." I smiled, "Well too bad, they get none of us until they become nicer towards you." I laughed, kissing her nose. She giggled.
"Why don't you boys come in?" Her mom projected behind us. We smiled and shut the door, heading over to the couch by the window. Tiana sat on the floor, so I gestured her to come sit on my lap. She didn't even hesitate. "Why is everyone staring at us?" I whispered to Niall. "Aren't you used to it?" Liam asked, I shook my head, "Not when it comes to my girlfriend's family." They laughed a little. "So, Uh, Tiana.. Maybe you should introduce him to everyone." Alice said. She looked at me and got up, sadly, I had to go up with her. The girls were practically drooling over us. One was actually crying, jesus christ this is so strange. "This is Harry." The girls began quietly shrieking. She rolled her eyes, "He's my boyfriend." She said directly to the girls in the center. Almost everyone's jaw dropped  Our fingers were still interlocked. "How long have you been dating?" Her aunt maybe? Asked. She looked up at me and gave me a face, meaning I should answer. "Oh, we've been together for about two or three weeks." They smiled, "Well, we're glad you're finally happy again." They said. "Finally?" I asked, damn it. Word vomit. She gave me a sorrowful look, "A lot of my ex boyfriends have done no good, but I'm pretty sure I  can trust you, with all the information that these three have spilled on me." She said smiling and looking over to her cousins. They actually smiled at her. We sat back down, and the room broke out in conversation.

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