The Blind Date (1D fanfiction)

When Tiana's best friend drags her along for a blind double date, things are not always as they seem.


3. Believe Me


i woke up to the smell of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. i ran downstairs and sat at the kitchen table. to my surprise the pancakes and eggs already ready, not the sausage though. but there were also roses on the table, my mom walked in from the backyard, “did dad get you these?” i asked, raising my eyebrow at her, she laughed, “they’re for you dummy.” she said, as i became shocked, “no…” i said picking them up and reading the notecard. ‘how about some dinner tonight? - Harry. xx’ my mom stared at me trying to hide a smile, the whole time. i looked up at her, and she turned back to the stove. i started up the stairs holding the roses in my hand. “dress nice!” she said as i stopped at the landing, i could feel her smiling and staring up at me, i shook my head and dropped the roses in my room, wow, not something i’d expect from a guy, usually it’s over text message or something, but he was so nice, so much better. and it usually takes me weeks, maybe even months to like a guy that i dated, but harry is so much more different.. not just because i knew him before we met, but because i’m more comfortable around him, like we were already best friends. I more comfortable than i ever was with any boyfriend, and Harry & I aren't even official. I picked up my phone, ‘i love the flowers, and yes, dinner would be amazing, xo.’ i texted to him and set my phone down, a few seconds later, my phone buzzed, ‘glad you like them, and see you at six then. :) x’ i read and smiled to myself. i lay on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. “no one’s ever going to believe me.” i said to myself quietly, then smiled.


i was up and about on my phone with Jessica. one of my other close friends, not best though, just close. “wait.. hold on, so HARRY FUCKING EDWARD FUCKING STYLES, was your blind date, and is taking you out on a date today?” she said with disbelief, “yup, pretty much..” i said, calmly, “oh just stop, shut up, no one will ever have a chance with Harry unless they’re famous, and i don’t think you’re on that list, Missy.” she said sassing me,
“fine, don’t believe me, you’ll eventually see, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, you will believe me, Jess, i’m like dead serious.”
she laughed, “sure, sure, you’re just going crazy now, Tiana, i should call a hospital or something.”
“ugh, you know what, i’ll just tell Crystal, at least she believes me, OH YEAH, BECAUSE SHE WAS THERE, even fucking ask her Jessica! it’s all true.”
“you know what, goodbye.” she said as she hung up. “i don’t need you anyways.” i said to myself in frustration. i dialed in Crystal’s number, on the first ring, she answered, “OH MY GOD TIANA I HEARD MATT TOLD ME.” she screamed through the phone. i laughed, “but a lot of other people just think i’ve gone mad, i’m crazy, ugh.”
“come on, don’t let them bring you down, they’re just shocked, so they won’t believe you, prove them wrong.”
I sighed, “how though..?”
“post a picture or something!”
i smiled to myself, “hm, thanks for the idea..”
“aha, anytime! but i gotta go! talk to you after your date yeah?”
“okay!” i said as i hung up, good, now i can prove everyone wrong. you’ll believe now, bitches. 


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