She's Not Afraid

With a name like Alexandra you would probably think of me as a very well behaved girl that has all A's in school and never acts up. Well I can tell you that you happen to be very wrong.


6. Thinking about Harry


I had barley shut the door when I heard my mom behind me." What on earth where you doing all day?" She asked with her arms crossed tapping her foot on the floor. " Don't worry about it mom," I said heading up stairs. I heard footsteps behind me and sighed. I walked in my room and sat on my bed. " Fine, I was with a friend." I said looking up at her." Which friend?" She asked looking angry. " Haley of course." She rolled her eyes."Teenagers," she whispered shaking her head and walking out the door. I smiled and went to plug my phone into the wall. I had a text message.  Unknown: hey babe, it's Harry. xx I added him to my contacts before texting back. Lexi: hey xx Harry: Did you get in trouble? xx Lexi: no, my mom thinks I was with Haley all day. xx Harry: good, wanna hang out tomarrow? xx I smiled and  sat in the chair beside my bed where my phone was plugged in.  Lexi: sure :) I got up and changed into some pajamas and heard my phone vibrate again. Harry: Great! I'll pick you up tomarrow around 12. Lexi: See you then :) I finally layed down and fell asleep thinking about Harry. 
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